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What are the challenges of industrial control security systems?

Jun 29, 2015

keyou pcb

keyou pcb

The main challenge is linked to the fact these systems typically control physical processes that relate to power, transport, water, gas and other critical infrastructure.Some challenges in securing ICS, said Thrasher, is IT departments and IT security teams are rarely involved in their procurement, installation and maintenance.Shenzhen Keyou PCB Co.,Ltd is a professional high-tech pcb manufacturer that is engaged in PCB manufacturing including industry control PCB,medical equipment PCB,power supply PCB,amplifier PCB,automotive PCB,security surveillance. 

The first major challenge is as higher-level management systems have evolved, organisations have sought to standardise and cut costs by using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products.This has resulted in the introduction of operating systems such as Linux and Microsoft Windows, and enabled connections between enterprise networks and management systems for ICS.

The second major security challenge for industrial control security systems is while new systems are relatively easy to secure, many systems running in Europe and the US are between 15 and 30-years old.“Securing and maintaining security on these legacy systems that were designed to communicate point to point is one of the biggest challenges,” Because these systems were installed in the pre-internet era, they are not designed for connectivity and typically have no means of authenticating commands received.

Risk management is also extremely difficult in this environment, said Braendle, because every risk has a high cost attached and there are no reliable statistics to assess the likelihood of something happening.“It is important for everyone to understand the benefits of the smart grid can only be reaped if it is done properly, and it is security that will enable that,” he said.

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