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MicroCare Presents New ‘Green’ Cleaning Innovations at Parts2Clean Stuttgart

Jun 01, 2015

MicroCare Europe bvba, one of Europe’s leading providers of critical cleaning, coating and lubrication products, will feature new, environmentally-advanced critical cleaning products at the Parts2Clean Expo in Stuttgart, Germany, Hall 6 A15, from 9-10 June 2015. This is particularly timely innovation because of the impending meeting of almost 200 governments which is scheduled for Paris in November 2015 will be a crucial turning point at which a global agreement to slow global warming is likely to be finalized.

A number of new, environmentally-progressive cleaning technologies will be revealed at the MicroCare stand. These include an ultra-gentle cleaning fluid that operates below room temperature, is completely VOC-exempt, has an ultra-low global warming impact (GWP) and excellent materials compatibility. There is a second fluid with equally impressive environmental characteristics but with more cleaning “muscle” that excels at degreasing critical parts at very low cost. Lastly, there will be a third innovation that combines high-boiling solvent technology with traditional vapor degreasing to produce completely unique cleaning results. These products will be available globally by early 2016.

“The good news is that the industry is meeting the call to develop new cleaning alternatives,” reports David Ferguson, Product Manager of Precision Cleaning Products at MicroCare. “In the past two years we have seen more new chemistries come out of the lab and into the market than we saw in the entire decade before.”

Many companies find vapor degreasing an attractive alternative to traditional aqueous cleaners. However, many companies today have explored aqueous options and found the process lacking: too slow, complex, energy-intensive, costly or just too variable.  Solvent cleaning with a vapor degreasing process solves all of those issues.

Scott Wells, Business Development Manager for MicroCare Europe adds, “As industry continues to make parts smaller and more complex, water cleaning gets harder to do. It requires longer machines, more chemical additives, slower cycle times, bigger pumps and larger dryers. All this complexity uses more electricity, which contributes to global warming, and adds expense.

The full range of MicroCare Europe products will be exhibited at Hall 6 A15 from 9-10 June 2015 at Stuttgart Exhibition Centre. For further information on MicroCare Europe visit

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