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GREEN MONSTER! SMT Understencil Wiping Rolls Receive New Look

May 01, 2015

GREEN MONSTER!™, a patent-pending ESD-safe line of understencil wiping rolls has received a new identity, including a new mascot, “The Little Green Monster.” These understencil wiping rolls feature patent-pending technology to remove residual solder paste from the bottom side of PC Board stencils.

The decision to re-brand the product line was made leading up to the APEX EXPO 2015 in Las Vegas, where Blue Thunder Technologies occupied booth 209. “GREEN MONSTER! is one of our flagship products. We are proud of the innovation and the attention to detail that went into this product, so APEX 2015 seemed like a good fit to showcase it and give it the spotlight it deserves,” said Claudio Orefice, President of Blue Thunder Technologies.

These understencil wiping rolls offer several advantages over standard paper stencil wiping rolls. They are comprised of a synergistic blend of virgin rayon and polyester fibers, bonded with a tough proprietary polymeric resin. GREEN MONSTER!™ understencil wiping rolls are designed to prevent smearing, bridging, and solder balls caused by the normal printing of solder paste onto PC Boards.

GREEN MONSTER!™ is the only stencil wiping roll to be truly ESD-safe. Through a careful and unique manufacturing process, GREEN MONSTER!™ can achieve incredible ESD-safe properties by avoiding some common non-ESD practices such drying in large ovens and rushed roll-to-packaging techniques.

GREEN MONSTER!™ is offered in extra-long roll lengths, paving the way for fewer roll changes and less downtime. The extra-long rolls are densified so that more feet can be supplied, without significantly increasing the diameter of the roll.

Blue Thunder Technologies is a global distributor and manufacturer of cleanroom and industrial supplies. Their product line-up includes cleanroom wipes, cleanroom gloves, cleanroom apparel and other supplies used in the medical, pharmaceutical, life science, laboratory and electronics industries.

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