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The Award Winning Nu/Clean Flood Box is headed to Europe

Apr 09, 2015

April 6, 2015   Worcestershire, UK - Technical Devices Company is pleased to announce the first Nu/Clean 800 series inline cleaner with the award winning Flood Box is on its way to Worcestershire in England.  This marks the first Flood Box machine to be put in use on the European Continent!

The American made Nu/Clean Flood Box is already well represented in North America and Asia.  The award winning Flood Box has been getting high praise from OEMs and EMS companies in these parts of the world for years.   Now the patented Flood Box technology will be put into the production “across the pond” at KSR Electronic Systems with the support of Anglo Production Processes.

The Nu/Clean Flood Box is the only cleaner in the world to provide inline soaking of boards to remove flux residues and other contaminants from under low standoff components (such as QFNs) and between high component density boards.  The Flood Box Wash and Rinse are in addition to traditional spray in air sections to provide an unmatched level of cleaning.  Several independent tests have confirmed this is the optimal set up for achieving the best cleaning results.

The Nu/Clean 800 Flood Box also offers plenty of selectable wet or dry isolation space which is crucial to reduce cross contamination between the wash and rinse sections.  This also allows for a more efficient closed loop system that will extend the life of DI media tanks.  The high efficiency dryer section offers a heated air knife among the 3 total blowers on this model.

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