16 layer PCB quick turn in 12 days

Apr 03, 2015

16 layer PCB

16 layer PCB

12 days to do this 16 layer board,but I think the time is acceptable,even we can do quicker. Anyway,let me introduce this board.
Material:FR4,TG170 (ITE180).
Thickness: 2.76mm.
min hole: 0.2mm
min trace/space:0.11/0.11mm
200*300 mm per panel ,6 units/panel.
Immersion gold and press fit hole (tolerance 0.05mm)
it is a bit big for such complex board,we advise any one who design such boards to make the panels small. if many units ,X-outs are easy on the panel .
Are you designing some such complex boards? Try us.

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