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Ryder EMS Saves Over 20,000 Combined Tons of Water and Smog/Gas in 2014

Mar 28, 2015

Ryder Industries Ltd, the Swiss-owned EMS provider with manufacturing facilities in China, today announced that the 2014 cleantech results have arrived!

1,260 metric tons of smog-gas and 19,600 metric tons of water have been saved in the past year by Ryder at its large new plant in Xin Feng, China.

The smog-gas (CO2, SOx, and NOx) savings are key in today’s increasingly energy-intensive world with its growing, noxious air pollution. Ryder’s savings were produced by efficiency gains (ground source climate control was counted, passive measures like thermal barriers and shielding were not), and solar energy for electricity and hot water.

The water savings relieve city infrastructure in the production and treatment of water.  Ryder harvests rain water campus-wide and in addition runs its own water recycling plant to reuse shower water for flushing.

It is notable that cleantech can be a smart business investment too-Ryder has recorded an annual profit on its cleantech investment, and this should grow as the new plant scales up.

Ryder is a pure EMS company which provides one-stop EMS service. It has more than 35 years experience in developing and manufacturing electronic products. It provides full turnkey engineering services in mechanical and electronic design as well as software and firmware programming.For more information, visit

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Ryder EMS Saves Over 20,000 Combined Tons of Water and Smog/Gas in 2014

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