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Demonstarte your AOI & SPI Live at SMTA International

Mar 24, 2015

Good Soldering Yields Start with Great Printing

Good Soldering Yields Start with Great Printing

This year my special feature area in the US, supported by SMTA & NPL, will include live printing ultra-fine pitch deposits, 0201 and 01005 devices, inspection and measurement of different combinations of pastes, plus some of the key in-process inspection steps to make a process perform correctly. It will also include AOI inspection of printed board assemblies for open joints, lifted leads, partial lifting of passives and other less common defects. A series of test boards have been specially created with known process defects to show our teams machines' capabilities. Engineers will have the oppertunity to win FREE IPC standards

Free advice will also be on offer to solve your process problems with the NPL Defect Database Live at SMTA International, its supported by Circuits Assembly magazine  so see how you can participate at  or email

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