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CheckSum To Demonstrate New V12 In-Circuit Test Measurement Electronics Module at IPC APEX Expo

Feb 17, 2015

New V12 Measurement Card ensures greater safety and control with lower voltage stimuli and decreased test times for In-Circuit and Functional Testing

Press Conference at CheckSum’s booth, # 2919, Wednesday, Feb. 25 at 2:30pm to introduce the V12 and future trends in In-Circuit Testing

The new CheckSum V12 Measurement Card will be exhibited at the IPC APEX Expo 2015, scheduled from Feb. 24-26, 2015 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, Calif. The V12 is the latest version of CheckSum electronics that controls and runs CheckSum’s range of in-circuit and functional testing systems.

The V12 card will be demonstrated in CheckSum’s range of In-Circuit and Functional Testing Systems, which are on display in Booth #2919.  CheckSum will have representatives available to showcase the technology.

There will be a press conference in CheckSum’s Booth to introduce the V12 on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 2:30pm. John VanNewkirk, President and CEO of CheckSum will be available to answer any questions.

The V12 uses lower voltage stimulus to safely test your PCB devices

The V12 performs power-off in-circuit tests using test voltages as low as 50mV to protect delicate circuits from electrical overstress (EOS). This allows for testing IC’s and other sensitive devices without accidentally powering them up, thereby preventing possible component damage at ICT.

"The V12 brings CheckSum into an exciting new phase for all of our in-circuit testers," stated VanNewkirk. "Manufacturers can now utilize a low-cost in-circuit tester that will provide a safer testing process for your PCBs by controlling the voltage applied to the new generation of chips that are placed on the PCBs. As semiconductor technology moves to lower and lower voltage, it is important for CheckSum to get out in front of the trend and provide a platform that can help customers dealing with aging ICT platforms that were designed long before people expected chips to run at such low voltages.

The newest version of the card decreases test times and increases throughput for ICT and FT measurements. The V12 utilizes advanced digital signal processing to provide unprecedented test speed, resulting in decreased test times, along with the measurement stability CheckSum is known for.

"With the V12’s ability to decrease test times, manufacturers will get a more efficient test process with faster returns on CheckSum testers. The combination of control, safety, reliability and faster production makes the V12 an important piece of technology in ICT." VanNewkirk added.

V12 is the new standard and is shipping now
The V12 is the new standard measurement card for Checksum in-circuit and functional test systems and can also be easily retrofitted to existing CheckSum test systems. The V12 is available in all CheckSum in-circuit testing systems and has been shipping since December of 2014.

CheckSum is a leading supplier of in circuit test and on-board gang programming systems and services to the worldwide electronics manufacturing industry.  Products and services include systems, fixtures, and programs that detect manufacturing process faults on complex SMT printed circuit assemblies and that provide value-added operations such as device In-System, On-Board Part Programming.  With an installed base of almost 4,000 test systems at more than 200 manufacturing sites in over 40 countries, CheckSum helps customers ranging from automotive electronics manufacturers to global EMS providers increase productivity while reducing total test and manufacturing costs.  CheckSum is headquartered in Arlington, Washington. More information at

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