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MicroCare Highlights Innovative Chemistries, End-User Case Studies at PMTS 2015

Feb 09, 2015

MicroCare Corp. is showcasing major updates to their family of precision cleaning, coating and lubricating products at the Precision Machining Technology Show in Columbus, OH that runs from 21-23 April 2015. Featured at the Expo will be a compelling presentation by Mr. David Ferguson of MicroCare that will deal with cleaning “catastrophes” and how to avoid them.

First and foremost at the show, MicroCare will be focused on the wide variety of exciting new vapor degreasing fluids just coming to market, as well as the benchtop cleaners, wipes and tools available from MicroCare. Compared to older technologies, these new products have important economic and environmental benefits for visitors to the show. These offerings will be excellent choices for customers migrating from old-style chlorinated solvents, or the ozone-depleting HCFC-225 or n-propyl bromide.

Nobody knows more about critical cleaning than MicroCare,” said Tom Tattersall, MicroCare Chief Operating Officer. “Our 250 years of vapor degreasing experience, when combined with these new cleaning chemistries, enables MicroCare to solve cleaning problems more cost-effectively than any other company in the industry.”

Highest on the list will be the new DuPont™ Vertrel® Sion® degreasing fluid which is compatible with almost all vapor degreaser cleaning systems. The Sion® cleaner is a breakthrough product with an unmatched price/performance capability. It is an excellent replacement for both HCFC-225 that is being phased-out and also for n-propyl bromide that has toxicity worries. This innovation, already available in Europe and Asia today and expected soon in the U.S., will set a new benchmark for cost-effectiveness and environmental sensitivity.

Since the Sion® fluid primarily is a degreaser, it will be backstopped by the industry’s widest array of other vapor degreasing choices, aerosol cleaners and presaturated wipes. With such a multitude of choices available from MicroCare, it will be easy even for customers with widely diverse cleaning problems to select the optimal chemistry and process for their application.

“The technologies and economics of cleaning are changing, and we’ll be addressing those changes at the expo,” adds MicroCare Product Manager, Dave Ferguson. “You can’t run away from them: you have to meet them head-on.”

Mr. Ferguson is well-qualified to explain these issues. He has more than 25 years of experience in precision cleaning applications and is extensively involved in the new products that will be presented at the Expo. His career has involved working directly with customers on critical cleaning projects within the aerospace, military, electronics, automotive and medical device industries. He is highly familiar with cleaning processes based on aqueous, hydrocarbon and halocarbon technologies.

Mr. Ferguson will be presenting a formal technical paper at the event. His research, entitled “Adapting to Change:  The Effects of Regulations and Competition on Production Cleaning Processes” will review challenges and options. It also will highlight research on cleaning alternatives conducted by NASA and the U.S. Army on the optimal choices for converting from trichloroethylene and n-propyl bromide. Both organizations found the DuPont™ Vertrel® SDG fluid was the most successful cleaning replacement. This presentation will be on Tuesday, April 21, at 2:00pm in the “Parts Cleaning Pavillion” on the main floor of the show.

In today’s world, with rising energy costs and ever-more demanding performance requirements, solvent cleaning is a better, faster, simpler and greener option,” concludes Mr. Ferguson. “That’s a huge sea-change for our industry to digest.”

To prove the point, MicroCare will have operating vapor degreasers at the show featuring some of the new chemistries. These systems will educate visitors about the processes involved in fast, simple, reliable vapor degreasing. Customers who bring parts to be cleaned will be able to see the systems in operation, right on the floor of the show.

With these upgrades and introductions, using chemistries and capabilities not found from other companies, MicroCare has attracted significant interest from metal-working companies, medical device makers and electronics’ manufacturers world-wide,” noted Mr. Tattersall. “Together with our other “green” products within the portfolio, MicroCare clearly is the industry leader in environmentally-enlightened precision cleaning.”

The full range of MicroCare products will be exhibited on booth #1400 at the Precision Machining Technology Show in Columbus, OH from 21-23 April 2015.

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