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Cogiscan Partners with InterLatin to bring TTC Solutions to Mexico

Feb 01, 2015

InterLatin to bring TTC Solutions to Mexico.

InterLatin to bring TTC Solutions to Mexico.

Cogiscan Inc., the leading Track, Trace and Control (TTC) solutions provider for the electronics manufacturing industry, announces that it has teamed with InterLatin  to provide and support TTC Solutions  throughout Mexico.

Cogiscan recognizes that Mexico is an important and fast-growing market in the electronic assembly industry.  Having a solid local partner with technical support capabilities and offices throughout the entire country of Mexico will enable Cogiscan to provide on-the-spot integration and support in a more timely matter. Finding the perfect partner was crucial for Cogiscan and, after extensive research, the company selected InterLatin.

InterLatin is well-known in the Mexican territory for its deep understanding of the challenges electronic manufacturers are facing.  The company has a strong presence in each industrial center, as well as highly trained sales, support and integration teams. InterLatin was recently honored as one of the top 30 companies to work for in Mexico.

We believe that InterLatin is the best possible partner to promote Cogiscan’s solutions to customers in Mexico,” says Mitch DeCaire, Cogiscan Sales Manager for the Americas. “We chose them for many reasons including their depth of coverage, technical support capabilities and solid reputation within the electronic assembly marketplace. Customers in Mexico have told us how much they appreciate InterLatin’s dedication to helping them increase productivity and lower operational costs. Cogiscan is thrilled that InterLatin is now our primary sales and technical support channel throughout Mexico.”

One of the InterLatin objectives is to enable companies in Mexico to operate in extremely high levels of productivity,” says Alejandro Carrillo, Interlatin CEO. “We are in a constant search for the latest technologies and solutions that will differentiate companies in Mexico from any others in the world. “We have signed this partnership with Cogiscan because its robust traceability and data management solutions provide competitive advantages for the advanced manufacturing and industry 4.0 business models as signaled by the very high-mix, low-volume models with real-time data that are being adopted in Mexico and the rest of the world. We are very excited with the reception and interest in the Cogiscan solutions from our customers in Mexico.”

For the past 15 years Cogiscan has been widely recognized as the industry-leading expert in TTC solutions for PCB Assembly.  During this time, the scope and depth of the Cogiscan application modules have evolved into a comprehensive TTC solution for the complete assembly of electronic products, including box build.  For more information, visit

Cogiscan partners with leading equipment manufacturers and electronics assemblers to create solutions that can integrate with existing systems to provide factory-wide TTC solutions.  The company is committed to the development and continuous improvement of solutions to Track, Trace and Control materials and tools on and off the shop floor.  For more information, visit

InterLatin is a Mexican Company that has more than 15 years in the electronic manufacturing industry. The company stands by its customers throughout the manufacturing process offering products, support, engineering services, training and consulting. InterLatin is a sales partner with the main brands in the industry.

InterLatin also is committed to innovation, which has lead the company to design products that service the new manufacturing industry. The company has used the expertise it gained during the last 15 years to conform its own R&D department and a design house.

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