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MicroCare Europe Highlights ‘Green’ Cleaning Innovations at Enova For the First Time

Jan 27, 2015

MicroCare Europe, the industry’s leading provider of critical cleaning, coating and lubrication products, will be introducing its newest range of electronics and fibre optic cleaning tools for the first time at the Enova Expo in Toulouse, Stand E18, from 11-12 March 2015.

The show will be the ideal platform to introduce two of the latest products from MicroCare, including the newly-improved VOC-free TidyPen® ‘60-second sticky stuff remover’. This is a time-saving tool for electronics manufacturing, repair shops, medical facilities, and any place where sticky labels are used. The new TidyPen® speeds the removal of almost anything sticky, including many conformal coatings, flux residues, glues, tapes, labels and some inks. The formulation has been designed to be VOC and REACH compliant, and is also safe to use on plastics, gaskets and other materials of construction found on PCBs. Importantly, the improved TidyPen® is packaged for vending machines, which are becoming increasingly important cost-control systems and widely used in many facilities.

Another important introduction at the show is the innovative Sticklers® CleanClickers™ fibre optic connector cleaner, as part of the company’s telecom and networking product line. New to the market, each CleanClicker™ tool delivers the lowest cost-per-cleaning in a convenient, ergonomic push-to-clean tool. Containing more than 750 cleaning ‘clicks’, it can clean both male jumpers and female ports. CleanClicker™ tools are available in three sizes: for the 2.5mm configurations, the 1.2mm configurations, and the fast-growing MTP/MPO design often used in data centers, central offices and cable TV head ends. Perhaps most importantly, these tools, which are built to Sticklers® standards of quality and engineering, have the most gentle activation on the market. This means the pressure applied to the end-face is reduced which minimises the chance of scratching the end-face or damaging the connector.

With these two introductions, using new chemistries and capabiltiies not found in cleaners from other companies, MicroCare has attracted significant interest from customers world-wide because they are wishing to use cleaners that are completely free of halogens and ozone-depleting substances,” said Tom Tattersall, MicroCare CEO. “Together with our other ‘green’ products within the portfolio, MicroCare clearly is the industry leader in environmentally enlightened cleaning.

The full range of MicroCare Europe products will be exhibited at Stand E18 from 11-12 March 2015 at Toulouse, France. Learn more the other exhibitors and new products featured at the show at

MicroCare Corporation is the leading manufacturer of cost-effective, environmentally progressive chemical products for precision cleaning, coating and lubrication.

Since 1983, MicroCare has been helping customers to improve their products and processes. MicroCare supplies to a wide variety of industries as diverse as electronics, metal finishing, transportation, photonics, medical devices and aerospace, MicroCare is a catalyst for change, lowering costs and improving quality.

MicroCare is continually expanding and developing its innovative range of products ensuring it is the favoured choice globally.

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