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Aqua Klean Systems to Exhibit Advanced New Cleaning Systems at APEX

Jan 25, 2015

Typhoon T-8 Chemistry Cleaner.

Typhoon T-8 Chemistry Cleaner.

Typhoon T-15 Water Soluble Cleaner.

Typhoon T-15 Water Soluble Cleaner.

Aqua Klean Systems, a leading provider of advanced PCB cleaning equipment, will exhibit in Booth #607 at the 2015 IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place Feb. 24–26, 2015 at the San Diego Convention Center. Aqua Klean Systems will exhibit the Typhoon T-8 Chemistry Cleaner, T-15, T-12, and T-9 Water Soluble Cleaners. Aqua Klean also will launch its new Ultra Sonic stencil cleaner product at the show.

The Typhoon T-8 Chemistry Cleaner is the most innovative way to efficiently clean RMA, no-clean and water soluble (OA) fluxes. It incorporates an adjustable chemical injection pump to assist in maintaining a stable chemical wash concentration. The T-8 integrates a 15 horsepower wash pump with a combination of flooding and high-pressure wash section for optimum impingement cleaning of PCBs. The dynamic air blow-off design allows for a water free zero-discharge chemical isolation.

The Typhoon T-15 Water Soluble Cleaner is the cleaner of choice for many electronic manufacturing facilities. At 15' long, it has more horsepower than other cleaners for its size. Equipped with 15 HP wash and rinse pumps, and two 15 HP turbine blowers, the Typhoon T15's performance is unmatched. As with all Typhoon cleaners, the T15 comes with standard features, such as a 24" wide belt, the industry's safest smart heater, quick adjustable pressure valves, easy to access front valves and a slick touchscreen software interface.

The new Typhoon T-12 and T-9 Water Soluble Cleaners come with the same standard features as the T-15 and offer a compact footprint. For more information about Aqua Klean Systems and the company’s wide variety of products, please visit

Aqua Klean Systems has been an innovative leader in electronics manufacturing equipment since 1996. The company began with the design and manufacturing of zero-discharge water recycling systems. Shortly thereafter, Aqua Klean Systems began refurbishing, servicing, and distributing used inline cleaners from all manufacturers. The experience Aqua Klean’s engineers gained by working with multiple brands of PCB cleaners along with customer concerns, allowed Aqua Klean to design The Typhoon fleet for the ever-evolving industry standards. The Typhoon was built to remove inadequacies in previous cleaning procedures and to revolutionize the PCB cleaning industry.

Over the last 19 years, Aqua Klean has consistently expanded as an international company serving our customers throughout the world. Aqua Klean Systems has built an exceptional relationship with its customers by providing innovative products and outstanding customer service. We take pride in working with our customers to solve any process issues they encounter now, or into the foreseeable future.

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