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YINCAE President, Dr. Wusheng Yin, Discusses Solder Joint Encapsulant & POP Assembly Solutions

Jan 12, 2015

(Albany, NY) January 12, 2015.  YINCAE Advanced Materials LLC, is now published in the Global SMT & Packaging Magazine for January 2015 titled, Solder Joint Encapsulant Adhesive-POP Assembly Solution.  This article explains extensively about solder joint encapsulant adhesives in comparison to traditional solder paste and the positive outcomes that YINCAE encapsulants can provide.
   Global SMT & Packaging is the global assembly journal for SMT and advanced packaging professionals.  They are also the #1 magazine dedicated to the global electronics manufacturing and assembly industry.
   From the publication, it is easy to find material that intends to make the manufacturing process as simple as possible with the using solder joint encapsulant adhesives. YINCAE’s SMT256 and SMT266 both eliminate the use of underfill materials and the underfilling process.  This is a great solution for POP assembly.  Based on test results, the use of SMT 256 under air reflow the void percentage of the solder joint was reduced to 2.5 percent.  The use of SMT 256 was used for under air reflow and was in comparison of 5% to using tacky flux under the reflow of nitrogen. 
   YINCAE’s solder joint encapsulant is a total assembly solution for the advanced POP, especially with TMV. Not only does it increase solder joint strength by 5 times, but it also provides excellent reliability for advanced IC components.  Using solder joint encapsulant for POP assembly proves to provide benefits such as the elimination of head-in-pillow issues, preventing dendrite formation, eliminating the difficult underfilling process, particularly for POP with TMV, easy rework, and enhanced reliability.

If you wish to visit the official website of YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC, please visit us by clicking the following link: YINCAE Website.  
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YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance coatings, adhesives and encapsulants used in the computer microchip and optoelectronics industries. Our manufacturing operations and headquarters are located in Albany, NY USA, with technical sales and support available through a worldwide sales and service organization. 
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