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Javad EMS Adds Large Board Line

Dec 20, 2014

Juki RX-6 flexible placement system.

Juki RX-6 flexible placement system.

Javad EMS (JEMS), a leading global EMS company that provides low- to medium-volume, high-mix applications, announces that it has added a large board line to continue meeting customer needs. With the use of HDI printed circuit boards, more densely populated boards using high pin count BGAs, QFNs and LGAs, micro BGAs, and smaller and smaller devices including 10005s, it seems that assemblies should be getting smaller in size. However, in some cases it is the inverse: printed circuit boards are getting larger. This has prompted JEMS to make a sizeable investment to provide large board capability to customers. With a planned expenditure and installation of more than $1.45 million in Q3/14, the company will have the capability of handling boards that are up to 22x26" in an in-line manufacturing process to complement its three other existing Juki surface mount lines.

To provide this capability, JEMS purchased new equipment and upgraded some existing equipment. The additions include a Juki K3 screen printer, a CyberOptics SE500-X 3D solder paste inspection system, a Juki RX-6 flexible placement system and a ViTrox 800 XXL 3D X-ray system. These new machines combine with existing Juki 3070/3080 placement systems, a Juki RS-1000 N2 reflow system and a Nordson YESTECH AOI system to ensure that boards can pass through the entire process without being taken on/off and handled from standalone machines as is common with large board assembly due to the nature and volume of the typical requirements.

In the past, traditional EMS companies used a batch process approach to assemble large boards.  In a batch process, the board is manually moved from one machine to another during the assembly process. This was acceptable when board thickness was more than 0.100 in thickness. However, over time, the boards themselves have gotten thinner and the components much smaller, creating the need for an inline process with value-added process controls such as SPI, AOI, 3-D and X-ray.

JEMS’s process parameters and commitment to producing large boards will follow the same production procedures as all its other assemblies. All boards, regardless of volume, will be produced in an in-line process on the same lines as production quantity assemblies:

• All boards will have 100 percent 3D solder paste inspection anywhere solder paste is deposited on a board.

• All boards will have 100 percent AOI on every single component that AOI can effectively inspect, regardless of whether it is a prototype build or a production-level build.

• All boards and solder joints will have 100 percent fully automated 3D X-ray inspection.

It is this commitment to quality that allows JEMS to consistently meet its quality objectives of first pass yield levels greater than 96 percent and DPMO levels less than 70.

For more information, contact JEMS at 408-770-1700, or visit

Javad EMS (JEMS) is a San Jose, CA-based EMS company that was founded with the vision of focusing on low- to medium-volume, high-mix applications for customers that need prototype through volume production and want to get it from one source. JEMS’ headquarters is a 40,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Silicon Valley, updated to the highest standards of electronics manufacturing services, communication, client support, employee comfort and training. Today, JEMS is thriving and boasts four continuous flow SMT lines complete with inline 3D SPI and AOI. For more information, visit

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