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CyberOptics Advances 3D Sensor Technology with Leading-Edge Capabilities

Sep 30, 2014

CyberOptics® Corporation (NASDAQ: CYBE), a world leader in intelligent inspection and sensing solutions for electronics assembly and semiconductor process equipment, announces ground-breaking, proprietary 3D sensing capabilities that incorporates Multi-Reflection Suppression technology (MRS) and highly sophisticated 3D algorithms.

Leveraging a 30 year history of pioneering optical technology advancements including digital 3D inspection, CyberOptics now makes a significant step-change in 3D sensing. Delivering advantages that have previously been unachieved in the industry, this technology enables ultra- high quality 3D images at production speeds, using architecturally superior multi-view sensors and Multi-Reflection Suppression technology (MRS).

The multi-view 3D data is merged together with highly sophisticated algorithms and MRS which suppresses any reflection that can distort the data, enabling a precise 3D representation. This is particularly critical for inspecting shiny objects. The architecturally superior sensor design captures and transmits the data simultaneously and in parallel, vs. a typical serial approach used in alternate technologies. These breakthrough technology building blocks result in unmatched speed and accuracy.

The combination of high quality 3D accuracy at low speed, or lower accuracy at high speed have both been accomplished, but achieving ultra-high quality 3D data at production speeds is only now achievable with the architecturally superior multi-view sensor incorporating Multi-Reflection Suppression technology,” said Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, President and CEO, CyberOptics. “We continue to drive innovation that delivers even more value to our customers world-wide in terms of process, quality and operational efficiency improvement in manufacturing environments.” He continued.

With electronics packaging continuing to get smaller and the density increasing, defects become more of an issue, fuelling the need for precision inspection. This breakthrough sensor technology is not only applicable for 3D inspection in electronics assembly, but also the semiconductor market, both of which CyberOptics has a global market leading position. Additionally, it also extends the company’s reach into the general purpose metrology industry, the third key market where CyberOptics is strategically focused.

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Founded in 1984, CyberOptics Corporation is a leading provider of sensors and inspection systems that provide process yield and throughput improvement solutions for the global electronics assembly and semiconductor capital equipment markets. The Company’s products are deployed on production lines that manufacture surface mount technology circuit boards and semiconductor process equipment. Through internal development and acquisitions, CyberOptics is strategically repositioning itself to become a global leader in high-precision 3D sensors. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, CyberOptics conducts worldwide operations through facilities in North America, Asia and Europe.

Statements regarding the Company’s anticipated performance are forward-looking and therefore involve risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to: market conditions in the global SMT and semiconductor capital equipment industries; increasing price competition and price pressure on our product sales, particularly our SMT systems; the level of orders from our OEM customers; the availability of parts required for meeting customer orders; unanticipated product development challenges; the effect of world events on our sales, the majority of which are from foreign customers; product introductions and pricing by our competitors; the level of revenue and loss we record in 2014; the success of our 3D technology initiatives; expectations regarding LDI and its impact on our operations; integration risks associated with LDI and other factors set forth in the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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