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Ersa’s i-CON VARIO 2 Soldering Station Powers All i-CON Products

Sep 23, 2014



Kurtz Ersa North America, a leading supplier of electronics production equipment, announces that the i-CON VARIO 2  Multi-Channel Soldering and De-Soldering Station is the universal power pack of the Ersa i-CON family.

The i-CON VARIO 2 can be connected to the i-Tool AIR S (200W) Ergonomic Hot Air Iron, Chip Tool VARIO, 150W i-Tool, Ultra-Light (30g) Universal Soldering Iron, or the THT X-Tool De-Soldering Iron. These are all of the necessary for all SMT and THT soldering tasks. All of these tools have perfectly regulated temperature and are supplied with super quiet air or vacuum. The user always achieves repetitive, high quality soldering results.

For all soldering and de-soldering tools, an extensive range of tips and soldering nozzles is available.Like the i-CON 1 and 2 industrial soldering stations, the i-CON VARIO 2 is operated using the illuminated text display and i-Op control knob. All the important soldering parameters, including secure password protection, can be easily configured. The i-CON VARIO 2 comes standard with control interfaces to an IR-preheating plate and solder fume extraction unit, as well as a USB interface for connection to a PC.For more information about Kurtz Ersa North America, visit

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