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A-Laser Releases New LDS Capability for Manufacturing 3D Circuitry

Sep 18, 2014

molded interconnect device (MID)

molded interconnect device (MID)

FCT Assembly introduces the A-Laser Division’s new laser direct structuring (LDS) capability. The introduction of laser direct structuring (LDS) has revolutionized the molded interconnect device (MID) market, bringing flexibility to design, enhancing product capability and often at a significant cost savings.

A-Laser’s vast experience with laser systems and plating processes combined with their engineering team’s knowledge in injection moulding enables the company to offer innovative parts developed with quality and efficiency. Quite often, there are three components to the development process for manufacturing LDS 3-D circuits. Prototypes are developed with LPKF’s proprietary proto-paint process in combination with a raw part from virtually any plastic. Next, the manufacturing industry has seen a number of innovations in the realm of 3-D printed parts through advancements in materials and printing technology. Due to the quick turn nature of this process; cycle times can be greatly reduced in the development phase. Lastly, mold injected parts, from LDS grade materials, can be brought to full-scale production.

We are very excited to be at the forefront of the MID market in the Untied States”, says Josh Saunders, President of the A-Laser Division. “Our focus on high quality parts and excellent service will serve us well as we step into this cutting-edge market.”

MIDs provide enormous technical and economic potential while offering improved ecological behavior in comparison to conventional printed circuit boards. MIDs complement circuitry that would be impossible to achieve with other technologies. In the LDS process, a part is normally made from a plastic material containing an LDS additive. The laser etches conductive trace structures onto any properly designed surface. Initially copper, then nickel and gold layers are built up on these structures in a subsequent metallization bath.

From prototypes to production, A-Laser guides customers through the entire project. The engineering department excels in design, while also keeping in mind process implementation and cost reduction goals. Further, LPKF has created a design guide ( allowing optimization opportunities from the onset. For more information about A-Laser’s LDS capability, visit
For more information about A-Laser’s advanced technology, visit

A-Laser is a premier precision parts manufacturer, providing consistent, high quality laser services for a wide range of industries. Specializing in the processing of ultra-thin materials, our technicians provide solutions for your most challenging applications.For more information, visit

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