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PowerPoint Presentations Available on Electronics Manufacturing

Aug 23, 2014

PowerPoint files are just a few clicks away

PowerPoint files are just a few clicks away

With one of the largest selection of online training material in the industry Bob Willis is providing his PowerPoint training material on line for other companies to use or help develop their own presentations on site.

His inspecting and defect guide poster sets are also available in a PowerPoint format to use or edit for onsite training. If you consider the time taken to develop a presentation or even gather images this is a unique opportunity and extremely cost effective option.

Inspection and Defect Guide Poster Sets include:

Package on Package (PoP) Inspection & Process Defects
Conformal Coating Photographic Poster Guide
Counterfeit Component Photographic Guide
Lead-Free Visual Inspection & Defect Guide
Lead-Free Solder Paste Printing
Lead-Free Shop Floor Solderability Testing
Ball Grid Array X-Ray Inspection Guide
Ball Grid Array Optical Inspection Guide
Pin In Hole Intrusive Reflow Assembly Standards
SMT Rework & Repair Procedure
QFN/LGA Assembly & Inspection
Temperature Profiling for Reflow Soldering
PPM DPMO Yield Monitoring during PCB Assembly
Moisture Sensitive Device Component Handling
PCB Surface Finish Inspection
Surface Mount Soldering Standards
Hand Soldering/De-Soldering Components
Conventional Component Recognition
Basic Printed Circuit Board Manufacture
Wave Soldering Defect Guide
Conventional Soldering Standards
Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Defects
Conventional Wire Termination Standards
Surface Mount Assembly Defect Guide
Surface Mount Component Recognition
PCB Microsection Reference Charts

If you don’t see what you need listed then just email Bob for further information

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