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Toddco General, Inc. TG-1000 Hot Bar Bonding System for large displays and substrates

Aug 16, 2014

Toddco General, Inc. released the new TG-1000 bonding platform to easily support large display panels or other substrates requiring hot bar bonding of flexible circuits, TABs, COF or COG.

TG-1000 floor standing base frame includes an easily accessible load/unload platform for operators to install glass, display panels or other substrates. Motorized X-Y transport moves panels to programmed alignment and bond positions. Standard X-Y transport supports up to 500 x 500mm panels. Compact gantry design contains overhead system controls with touch-screen for easy operator access.

The software provides an intuitive user interface for quick bond profile development.  A graphical bond profile screen guides development of critical process parameters. The data logging feature saves actual performance versus bond profile for selected bonds. Three auxiliary thermocouple inputs can be displayed for thermal analysis. Saved bond profiles are easily recalled for quick changes in high mix production. Motion Control X-Y positions are incorporated into process files for a complete, repeatable production process.

“TG-1000 is a modular, feature rich system suitable for process development labs to high-mix production or repair environments. Modular design allows a broad range of standard options to be configured to meet specific automation and production requirements,” says Thomas W. Todd, Founder and President of Toddco General, Inc.

Manual, semi-auto and automated alignment of parts is available on the TG-1000. Dual look-up or look-down cameras facilitate critical fine pitch alignment of TAB, COF, COG or other flex circuit components attachment to Glass or PCB's. Toddco General’s production-ready philosophy includes custom tooling and ceramic hot bars designed for the exact process requirements.

TG-1000 incorporates a closed loop high temperature controller for precision temperature control of Toddco’s ceramic hot bars with excellent flatness and temperature uniformity. The versatile system design provides a wide force range (5 – 600 N) with a servo-driven bond head. No matter what the application the TG-1000 is suitable for a high mix laboratory setting or a fast paced production environment.

For more information about the TG-1000 Bonding System, please contact Toddco General, Inc. at, or call 1.619. 286.3326. News release contact is Debie Burford,

About Toddco General
Toddco General, Inc. manufactures factory automation equipment for the electronics industry that ACF bonds to glass or solders flexible circuits to PCBs. Based in the Greater San Diego, CA area; Toddco General is a privately held Calif. corp. For more information, please contact, or call 1.619.286.3326.

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