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AI Technology (AIT) Introduces Novel High Temperature Large Area Underfill with Proven Stress Absorption

Jul 28, 2014

AI Technology, Inc. (AIT) is proud to introduce a new generation of Flip-Chip Underfill solution that combines a High Tg of >240°C and novel stress absorbing capabilities to allow long-term reliability of large area flip-chip devices. MC7885-UFS is a proven unique underfill adhesive that fills under large area chips and cures without voids and internal stresses for ultimate reliability.MC7885-UFS is a novel underfill paste that underfills large area flip-chip components to provide an excellent thermal interface allowing high power devices to dissipate heat to both sides of the package.

MC7885-UFS is designed for use in both chip-on-board underfill and standard flip-chip underfill component applications to reduce stress. MC7885-UFS can withstand temperatures up to 350ºC without thermal degradation.  Its unique chemistry results in very low moisture absorption and high strength protection. The cured underfill has less than 20ppm/°C in coefficient of thermal expansion and higher than 6 GPa in modulus.

The differences and benefits between MC7885-UFS and traditional underfills include:
• More than 5 times higher thermal conductivity than that of traditional underfills
• Tg at >240°C in comparison to traditional underfills with a Tg around 140°C
• Tg close to lead-free soldering temperature reduces tensile and shear stress
• Proven additional stress protection with outstanding engineered molecular stress absorption without compromising performance by using low glass transition underfills 

MC7885-UFS has an easy cure schedule.  Most curing can be done at 120°C, or the operator can increase temperature to 150°C to cure in less time.

Please speak to one of our Application Engineers about sampling AI Technology’s MC7885-UFS and put it on the top of your testing list for your new generation of flip-chip devices.

About AI Technology, Inc. (AIT):

Since pioneering the use of flexible epoxy technology for microelectronic packaging in 1985,
AI Technology, Inc. (AIT) has been one of the leading forces in development and patented applications of advanced materials and adhesive solutions for electronic interconnection and packaging.  AI Technology, Inc. (AIT) offers some of the most reliable adhesives and underfills for die bonding for the largest dies, stack-chip packaging with dicing die-attach film (DDAF), flip-chip bonding and underfilling and high temperature die bonding for single and multiple-chip modules for applications beyond 230°C.  The company continues to provide the best adhesive solution for component and substrate bonding for both military and commercial applications.  AIT’s thermal interface material solutions, including our patented phase-change thermal pads, thermal greases and gels and thermal adhesives have set many bench marks of performance and reliability for power semiconductors, modules, computers and communication electronics.

For an application analysis:

AI Technology, Inc. (AIT) Web Address:

70 Washington Rd.
Princeton Jct. NJ 08550
P: (609) 799 – 9388
F: (609) 799 – 9308

Media Contact: Amy Grossman, (609) 799-9388, x144.

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