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Cupio Yestech Europe to supply TalliScan rapid part counting solutions.

Jul 21, 2014

Cupio Yestech Europe has signed an agreement with Prospect42 that allows it to sell and support the new TalliScan rapid part counting and stocktaking solution throughout the UK. TalliScan, which is the fastest such solution available today, is based on a handheld device that automates the parts counting process. It eliminates the repetitive, time-consuming, non-productive and error-prone task of counting parts manually. Instead, it determines part counts simply by scanning a part’s barcode on a bin, then weighing the bin’s contents. It can handle SMT devices on reels just as readily, which makes it particularly valuable to electronics manufacturers.

Cupio Yestech Europe chose Prospect42 because the company shares its commitment to improving customers’ productivity – and both companies do so by providing cost-effective tools to collect and present data efficiently. TalliScan is a perfect example of this, as it contributes to productivity not only by stocktaking automation but also by maintaining a history of part counts and by exporting count data to its users’ MRP systems. The parts counter is attractively priced, and comprises a rugged Android handset that communicates wirelessly with precision industrial scales. A wireless label printer is also provided. These components make up a complete parts counting system ready to work straight out of the box.

“By cutting time wasted in manually counting components, productivity on the assembly line is also usually improved” commented Andy Bonner, Managing Director of Cupio Yestech Europe, “This is because component counts and stocktaking, when they are needed, are frequently carried out by staff that are normally more profitably employed directly in the assembly process. With TalliScan, staff can focus on the production roles they were employed to perform for a much greater proportion of their working day.”

Cupio Yestech Europe supplies innovative inspection, measurement and test solutions to electronics manufacturers throughout Europe, Russia and Africa. Our specialist equipment suppliers are acknowledged leaders in their field. Our onsite integration, training and support services ensure that their systems rapidly become productive within our customers’ manufacturing facilities.

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