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New G4C Ceramic Hot Bars (Thermodes)

Jul 16, 2014

Greater San Diego, CA – 1 July 2014
Toddco General, Inc. released a new fourth generation ceramic thermode (hot bar) that supports earlier generation Toddco hot bar bonding systems.  “Toddco continues to support legacy systems with new ceramic hot bars that are compatible with TC-1000 and TC-1200 Temperature Controllers,” says Thomas W. Todd, Founder and President of Toddco General, Inc.

G4C Ceramic Hot Bar temperature range is ambient to 400°C with embedded thermocouple feedback for optimum temperature control. G4C mounting holes are compatible with all standard Toddco hot bar mount assemblies. G4C Ceramic Hot Bars require no hardware or software changes to interface with TC-1000 or TC-1200 Temperature Controllers.

Toddco’s patented hot bar technology provides direct conductive heat on contact to reflow solder or cure Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF).  Durable G4C Ceramic Hot Bars are built to customer specific dimensions from 12 to 100 mm (approx. 0.5 to 4 in.). Standard width is 3 mm.

“Ceramic hot bars provide the highest degree of flatness during temperature cycles while isolating sensitive leads from incurring voltage during the bonding process,” per Toddco’s hot bar patent holder, Thomas W. Todd.

For more information on the G4C Ceramic Hot Bar, please contact Toddco General, Inc. at, or call 1.619. 286.3326.

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