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Tesla Motors Drives Innovation with Schleuniger

Jul 08, 2014

Tesla Motors is known for making some of the best electric cars and electric powertrain vehicles in the world, and as a company that began as a Silicon Valley start-up, it is expected to move fast and constantly be innovating. Yet, when prepping the wires used in its vehicle batteries, Tesla’s method was not living up to this reputation. The stripping and twisting of these wires was done either by hand or inefficient machines that didn’t fully meet Tesla’s needs. The company needed a solution that could strip and twist the wires precisely and quickly in one easy step, while ensuring the final product met Tesla’s high quality standards.

Tesla Motors’ Quality Engineer, Raul Smith, turned to Schleuniger and one of Schleuniger’s newest machines, the RotaryStrip 2400, to take the company’s wire processing to the level they were looking for. “The previous machines we were using did not have the precision or twisting capabilities that are essential to our application. The RotaryStrip 2400 performs these actions to the standards we were looking for,” says Smith.

Tesla Motors adheres to strict standards, such as the IPC 620 Class 3, which does not allow for any nicks on the processed wires. According to Smith, the RotaryStrip 2400 easily helps Tesla to “meet or exceed these standards.”

Since implementing the Schleuniger machines, Tesla Motors has seen reduced processing time and has gained assurance that the wires are being processed precisely each time. In addition, due to the increased efficiency, Tesla was able to cut six processing stations from the production floor adding back valuable space.

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Tesla Motors Drives Innovation with Schleuniger

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