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Libra Industries Installs Aqueous Technologies’ StencilWasher LDO

Jul 01, 2014

Mike Nahorniak, Libra Industries' Test Operation Supervisor.

Mike Nahorniak, Libra Industries' Test Operation Supervisor.

Libra Industries, a privately held electronics manufacturing services provider, announces that it has installed a StencilWasher LDO from Aqueous Technologies Corp. The standalone unit will allow Libra Industries to remove all non-reflowed solder-pastes, including lead-free.

Aqueous Technologies StencilWashers use precisely controlled sound waves to remove unreflowed solder paste and uncured adhesives from stencils, screens and misprints. Ultrasonic energy is gentle enough not to damage delicate parts and is highly effective in removing dried pastes on fine-pitch stencils. Aqueous Technologies' semiautomatic ultrasonic stencil cleaning systems are designed to accommodate stencils, screens or misprinted assemblies up to 29 x 29" (736 x 736 mm).

With the StencilWasher LDO, Libra Industries’ customers will benefit from reduced downtime, improved productivity and extended stencil life. The ECO friendly system is equipped with stainless steel wash and rinse tanks, a stainless steel deck, programmable wash cycle timers, wash and rinse solution filtration systems, powered drain/filtration pumps, and rinse and dry wands.

This investment will enable Libra Industries to continue providing customized manufacturing solutions to help make its customers more competitive and improve their profitability. For more information, visit

Libra Industries is a leading provider of integrated Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) serving OEMs with complex or technologically sophisticated manufacturing requirements in a broad range of industries including industrial automation, medical, military and aerospace, instrumentation and communications. Two world-class manufacturing facilities allow Libra Industries to provide customers with manufacturing flexibility including complete system build, module and subassembly production, as well as simple to complex PC board assembly. With an ongoing commitment to investment in people, quality systems, and the latest manufacturing equipment and processes, Libra Industries is committed to managing their clients’ products from initial design and prototype to full production; assisting their clients in their efforts to improve time to market, reduce total systems cost, and increase quality.

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