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Gabor Homolya to Discuss Today’s Rework Challenges at Emerging Electronics 2014

May 28, 2014

Gabor Homolya

Gabor Homolya

VJ Electronix, Inc., the leader in rework technologies and global provider of advanced X-ray inspection systems, announces that Gabor Homolya will present at Emerging Electronics 2014, scheduled to take place June 24-25, 2014 at SMS Electronics’ Beeston Head Office in Nottingham. Emerging Electronics 2014 is an invitation only event that will showcase the UK’s leading engineering and manufacturing firms. Mr. Homolya will present “Overcoming Today’s Rework Challenges.”

As electronic devices have evolved to become more powerful and complex, the value of circuit boards used has steadily increased. 

The need to cut the cost of scrap, compounded by demand for quick turns and faster time to market, drive an increasing trend for rework.  Reworked assemblies are expected to meet the same quality requirements as first pass assemblies. 

Homolya’s presentation will look at some of the new challenges in rework of today’s complex assemblies such as Package on Package (PoP), Quad Flat No-lead (QFN), and Micro Passive (01005) components. He will present techniques for removal and replacement of RF Shields common to portable devices. 

Additionally, he will discuss new methods of reworking large Thermally Enhanced BGA and Plated Through Hole (PTH) connectors used in high end computing and networking applications. 

Mr. Homolya is currently the European Sales Manager at VJ Electronix. He is responsible for SMD component automated rework systems and offline X-ray inspection system sales in European region. He works with more than ten local regional distributors in Europe and the Middle East region to support sales, technical applications events and trade shows. Homolya has a degree in electrical, mechanical and quality engineering. Boasting extensive work experience, Gabor's career has spanned more than 15 years to date.

VJ Electronix, Inc. manufactures production ready, automated Rework and X-ray inspection systems with many advanced capabilities. The company frequently provides custom solutions tailored to satisfy specific application requirements. VJ Electronix is a worldwide leader in X-ray Inspection and Rework equipment.For more information, visit

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