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LCR-Reader: the Consumers' Choice LCR-meter

May 16, 2014

LCR-Reader from Siborg Systems Inc.

LCR-Reader from Siborg Systems Inc.

Canadian Siborg Systems Inc. has created and released a new handheld digital LCR-meter, the LCR-Reader. The portable LCR-meter is a more cost friendly model of the Smart Tweezers line of LCR-meter, but with a lower price for non-professionals looking for a tool like Smart Tweezers.

LCR-Reader is half the price and weight of previous Smart Tweezers models, at only 1 oz. and around $200 (USD). This model follows the same design as Smart Tweezers: a fully automatic LCR-meter and a set of precision gold-plated tweezers in a handheld device. LCR-Reader requires no set up, all it takes is just a touch of the Surface Mount Device with the tweezer tips, and LCR-Reader will determine the measurement mode and provides high accuracy measurements for Inductance, Capacitance, Resistance and ESR values. 

Designed for non-professionals and hobbyists working with Surface Mount Technology, LCR-Reader offers the same experience as Smart Tweezers, but with a few less features. These features were exempt to be able to meet this price point, including; the semi-automatic offset subtraction, conponent sorting, variable test signals and diode and continuity testing. The device also has a slightly lower basic accuracy, of 1%, than the ST-5S model, but matches the same accuracy as previous ST-1, ST-2 and ST-3 models. 

Features that are available include:

-Fully automatic L, C, R and ESR evaluations
-Basic accuracy of 1%
-Automatic best test range selection
-Li-Ion battery with micro-USB connection
-1 oz weight.

The new model is available on

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