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Cupio Yestech Europe demonstrates conformal coating inspection at NEW

May 06, 2014

Visitors to the recent National Electronics Week (NEW) exhibition and conference in Birmingham had a unique opportunity to learn about the advantages of conformal coating, which many electronics manufacturers increasingly view as an integral part of their production process. Exhibits including a live production line, and a seminar, revealed how to achieve as much as possible from the technology and how to fully understand the issues involved.

As with all manufacturing processes, the reliability and quality of the results obtained depend on the performance of any available inspection and test approach; accordingly, the Nordson YESTECH BX-UV Benchtop automated conformal coat inspection system made a key contribution to the NEW conformal coating exhibit. It ran throughout the show as part of NEW’s live SMART production line and was supplied, operated and supported by Cupio Yestech Europe.

The BX-UV inspects conformal coatings with their added UV indicators under black light to verify coverage and non-coverage. Nordson YESTECH’s proprietary inspection algorithms make this process fast, simple and automated, while quality and consistency if coatings can be assured. Selected ‘non-coverage’ areas can be eliminated from inspection routines, while delamination, cracks and bubble issues can also be captured.

Inspection setup is fast and intuitive, requires minimal programming effort and takes typically less than 30 minutes to complete. A known good board is used to learn the coverage areas; automated inspection usually completes in a few seconds with inspection results displayed immediately. Barcode reading and archiving of inspection results allow off-line review for product traceability, SPC and process improvement.

During the show, Cupio Yestech Europe’s technical specialists described how the BX-UV operates to maximise conformal coating inspection quality; they also advised on how to integrate the equipment into manufacturers’ existing processes.

NEW offered its visitors another great conformal coating learning opportunity – they were able to attend a free, three-day Hands-On Conformal Coating and Cleaning Experience, co-hosted by the SMART Group and the National Physics Laboratory. The SMART Group is Europe’s largest technical trade association focusing on surface mount and related technologies; the Experience comprised a number of 15 – 20 minute presentations covering the key processes and testing techniques used during cleaning, masking, and coating board assemblies.

Coating materials, application methods, inspection and rework were all covered. Each presentation was followed by a hands-on session that allowed attendees to gain practical experience of the concepts that had been presented theoretically. Cleaning and coating experts were on hand to offer free advice, information on processes and insights into attendees’ individual conformal coating issues.

Overall, the NEW show provided a great opportunity for manufacturers wishing to progress rapidly along the conformal coating learning curve” commented Andy Bonner, CEO at Cupio Yestech Europe, “The show welcomed over 4000 visitors; many demonstrated their interest in the technology by visiting our area and attending the seminars. We’re delighted with the results, and are looking forward to demonstrating conformal coating inspection and AOI again next year.”

Cupio Yestech Europe supplies innovative inspection, measurement and test solutions to electronics manufacturers throughout Europe, Russia and Africa. Our specialist equipment suppliers are acknowledged leaders in their field. Our onsite integration, training and support services ensure that their systems rapidly become productive within our customers’ manufacturing facilities. Our Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment, from Nordson YESTECH, offers PCB inspection with exceptional defect coverage. These systems inspect solder joints and verify correct part assembly, enabling users to improve quality and increase throughput. Programming is fast and intuitive, while latest available image processing technology ensures extremely low false failure rates.

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Cupio Yestech Europe demonstrates conformal coating inspection at NEW

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