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Microtronic Now Offers Akrometrix CXP for Cost-Effective Elevated Temperature Surface Characterization

Apr 02, 2014

Akrometrix LLC’s CXP

Akrometrix LLC’s CXP

Microtronic GmbH, a leading sales specialist of microelectronics, now offers Akrometrix LLC’s CXP, the latest surface measurement equipment platform powered by Studio Software. Akrometrix LLC is the leader in elevated temperature surface characterization.

The CXP addresses EMS and PCB market needs for affordable surface characterization of PCB local areas under reflow conditions. The capabilities of the CXP tool make it a cost-effective solution for EMS and PCB companies to apply the new IPC 9641 standard, concerning warpage measurement of PCB surface mount regions.

For 20 years Akrometrix has supported the electronics Industry through services and products that measure the warpage of packages used in surface mount assemblies.  While this has been crucial for product yield and reliability, warpage of PCB land areas has typically not been fully understood. The recently finalized IPC 9641 industry standard brings to the forefront the need for warpage measurement to be performed on the PCB side of surface mount assemblies.  

According to David Markovich, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Akrometrix, “The CXP is based on Fringe Projection technology patented at the Georgia Institute of Technology, which has some distinct advantages over shadow moiré in terms of product cost, while delivering appropriate measurement resolution. Considering the competitive margins in the EMS and PCB industries, Akrometrix now has a cost-effective solution for these companies to meet the new IPC 9641 standard.”

Warpage results collected with the CXP from PCB land areas can be compared to corresponding component warpage through the use of the Akrometrix Interface Analysis software solution, which enables shape matching and interconnect gap analysis at critical temperatures throughout a reflow cycle.

The introduction of the CXP represents Akrometrix continued commitment to developing solutions that meet and exceed customer requirements. The CXP is currently available for sale worldwide. For more information contact Microtronic at 
For more information about Microtronic’s products and services, visit

Akrometrix is the leader in elevated temperature surface characterization, was founded in 1993 by Dr. Charles Ume, a Professor and Director of the Advanced Electronic Packaging and Laser Processing Laboratory, at the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia.  Headquartered in Atlanta, Akrometrix supports over 250 equipment installations worldwide.  For more information, please visit 

Microtronic was founded in 1981 and is based near Munich, Germany. With 30 years’ experience, we are the microelectronics leaders in Europe and offer a wide range of products and services to the microelectronics industries. We run regular training courses on various topics through in-house training or can arrange for specific employee training courses on request to suit your needs. 

Our customers include companies who require added solderability test, ultrasonic microscopes, circuit board repair systems, welding systems, solders and solder pastes. We offer centralised pricing to our customers with the added benefit of unparalleled delivery times from our centralized European warehouses.

For more information, please visit

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