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MYDATA exhibits new MY200 pick-and-place machine at IPC APEX 2014.

Mar 27, 2014

The new MYDATA MY200 pick-and-place machine.

The new MYDATA MY200 pick-and-place machine.

HYDRA placement on PWB

HYDRA placement on PWB

At APEX 2014 in Las Vegas, MYDATA will introduce to the North American market its new MY200 placement machine, delivering twice the accuracy and higher throughput.

Citing a growing need to handle varying batch sizes and increasingly complex components at all levels of the SMT industry, MYDATA says it will introduce to the North American market a higher speed pick-and-place platform at the forthcoming IPC APEX 2014 trade show. The new solution is part of the company’s vision of accelerating success for its customers with a range of versatile SMT solutions for increasingly complex electronics production environments.

Reducing inventories

As we pull out of a global recession, we see demand picking up but many of our customers are still very sensitive about keeping inventories and labor costs low,” says Robert Göthner, General Manager Business Area SMT at Micronic Mydata. “This caution is fueling an interest in new types of printing, placement and storage solutions that optimize line utilization, expand component handling capabilities and keep inventory and staffing to a minimum.”

High-performance pick-and-place

With this in mind, the company is presenting its latest technology platform at the IPC APEX show in Las Vegas, Nevada from March 25 – 27 (Booth 670). “We’re very happy to have the new MY200 on hand at APEX to let our customers have a first-hand look at how this platform can boost productivity in the most demanding production environments,” says Brian Duffey, President of MYDATA automation Inc., headquartered in Boston. According to Mr. Duffey, the MY200 is already generating interest and sales in the Americas following its global introduction at the Productronica show in Europe.

Handling complex components - at higher speeds

In the US market, the MY200’s ability to handle a wider range of components at high speed is a welcome improvement. We see a growing need to mount diverse components with uncompromising accuracy as content in electronic devices becomes increasingly varied and complex,” explains Duffey. The MY200 can now achieve high-speed placements of chip components below 30 micrometers with 3-sigma repeatability, representing a doubling in accuracy compared with previous platforms. An added benefit is an improved angular accuracy, making it possible to mount ultra-fine pitch QFPs or 0.4 mm BGAs according to IPC class 2 workmanship standards - at high speed. This is enabled by new and highly advanced hardware and software features that give electronics manufacturers higher throughput, accuracy and line utilization.

High-mix thinking for higher volume challenges

In addition to the MY200 series, MYDATA will also exhibit a wide range of industry-leading solutions that bring the company’s high-mix expertise to a broader base of higher volume manufacturers. These include the company’s pioneering solder paste jet printing platform, fully automated storage solutions and advanced software systems for the modern SMT factory. Duffey notes that demand has grown for jet printing in particular as growing number of consumer electronics manufacturers are now recognizing its ability to achieve superior solder joints in a wide variety of higher volume applications.

Visit the MYDATA booth at APEX 2014

Our aim is to provide complete solutions that boost the productivity of customers in today’s increasingly varied production landscape,” concludes Göthner. He warmly invites the press, customers and interested parties to stop by Booth 670 at IPC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada from March 25 - 27.

Micronic Mydata AB (publ) is listed on NASDAQ OMX, Stockholm, Small Cap: MICR.

Micronic Mydata AB is a Swedish high-tech company engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of production equipment to the electronics industry. The products consist of pattern generators including mask writers and direct writers for the production of photomasks and substrates as well as advanced surface mount technology (SMT) equipment. The pattern generators are used by the world’s leading electronics companies in the manufacture of semiconductor circuits, for advanced electronic packaging and displays used in PC tablets, smart phones, TVs and computers. The SMT equipment is used for surface mounting of electronic components and stencil free jetting of solder paste. The SMT equipment is used, among others, by large and small manufacturers of electronics in aerospace, aviation and telecom. Micronic Mydata headquarters is located in Täby, north of Stockholm and the Group has subsidiaries in China, France, Germany Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States. For more information see our web site at:

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