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Mictrotek Laboratories to Open European Test Lab at Gen3 Systems’ Facility

Mar 27, 2014

Gen3 Systems Limited, a specialist British manufacturer and distributor, and Microtek Laboratories Inc., a resource for independent testing and verification services, today announced joint plans to open a new European Test Lab in Q2 2014. The European Test Lab will be located at Gen3 Systems’ facility in Farnborough, UK. Graham Naisbitt will be the Operations Director - Europe.  

The new facility will be fully ISO 17025 qualified and brings together, for the first time in Europe, the most comprehensive test capability for the electronics industry,” commented Naisbitt. “In addition to providing test results and data interpretation, Microtek provides specialised client services such as failure analysis and test program development. Our technical staff will produce customized test programs that aid in identifying the cause of manufacturing problems. Microtek also can assist in mediating and resolving customer-supplier disputes.”

In conjunction with the opening of the new European Test Lab, effect, Gen3 Systems will merge its Test Services division. Initially this will involve SIR, ECM and CAF testing, Solderability, Cleanliness and Materials Characterisation test services, and will strongly link to the NEW Microtek Laboratories, East Coast lab in Baltimore MD. For more information about Gen3 Systems, visit

For more information about Microtek Laboratories, visit

Gen3 Systems is a specialist manufacturer of test and measurement equipment used to help predict reliability of electronic circuits and systems in the field. In addition, the company designs and manufactures dip and spray coating process equipment in both in-line and bench-top formats. Gen3 is a specialist distributor for several leading equipment manufacturers including, ACE, DIMA, FineTech, MBTech, MEK, Optilia and, most recently, Global Distributor for Aprotec Instrumentation, Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) systems.

Gen3 Systems also provides training, equipment and expertise for manufacturers requiring assessment of their electronic products’ reliability. The company also operates a test service and assists with standards development via both the IPC and IEC. Gen3 Systems operates from premises near Farnborough Business Park, on the M3 corridor and just 30 minutes from London’s Heathrow Airport.

Microtek Laboratories, established in 1986 dedicated to serving electronic material, component, coating, composite material, resin compound, polymer and insulating material industries. Microtek provides the highest level of support and services to commercial, military aerospace, medical, aerospace and automotive markets worldwide.

Recognized as the industry leader, the capabilities of Microtek Laboratories extend beyond those of a typical test and R&D facility. Through active involvement in professional industry groups, Microtek has earned a reputation for uncommon insight and visionary thinking and understanding the value and benefits of a comprehensive LIMS and that is applied in its daily operations. For more information about Microtek Laboratories, visit

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