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JOT Automation launches a Solution to Odd Shape Components

Mar 17, 2014

J504-08 Odd Shape Placement Cell.

J504-08 Odd Shape Placement Cell.

As the number of connections in electronic products like computers and televisions are on the rise, the problem with many components being used in traditional SMT machines has become a growing issue. Leading supplier of production and test solutions for the electronics, telecom, automotive, aerospace and advanced life science industries, JOT Automation has however found a solution that will increase productivity and quality during manufacture.

The new JOT Automation Odd Shape Placement Cell, which will be launched to the market at the IPC APEX Expo, has been designed to ensure that components that are out of placement range of the standard SMT machines are placed by using a diversified, fast, compact and cost effective machine.

The main advantage of the Automation Odd Shape Cell is its reliability with proven mechanics and robotics. Combined with JOT’s experience of software development and process know-how, the machine has found a place in both developed and developing worlds.

Kyösti Soini, Director of JOT Automation Electronics Business line said: “We believe our new robotic cell is the most cost-effective solution for placing odd-shaped components available. Markets that are currently most active in finding these solutions are China and Mexico. As salaries grow in developing countries, electronic manufacturers are looking for automated solutions for odd-shape assembly. These countries in particular have shown great interest in automating odd shape component placement in order to increase productivity and quality."

It has been proven through return on investment calculations that in most of the cases there has been a high return.  It highlights that a client’s production process will be easier to control, especially in developing countries where automation is something new, the process of placing odd components has to be a simple and reliable process and the JOT Odd Shape Component Placement Cell does just this.”

The JOT Odd Shape Component Placement Cell includes feeding, pre-forming and gripping systems to achieve a reliable odd shape component, feed and pick and place-process. Many automotive, consumer and telecommunications companies already use this method for their products manufacturing processes. This means large component placing with pins, capacitors, connectors and resistors. These mostly passive components are out of the placement range of the standard SMT machines and need to be placed with a diversified machine. Depending on the manufacturing process, either a surface mount Pin in Paste (PiP) or a regular PTH component could be used. Today, there are many active components e.g. mini-cameras to be placed with an odd shape machine after the SMT/reflow process where normally most of the components are assembled.

In the future, more and more of these complex production requests will demand a suitable and flexible odd component placer which makes the production line more efficient and re-usable. There is no limit to developing a dedicated solution for any odd formed component.

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