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Kyzen to Be Represented in Five Technical Sessions at IPC APEX EXPO 2014

Feb 21, 2014

Mike Bixenman, DBA,

Mike Bixenman, DBA,

David Lober

David Lober

Kyzen today announced that Mike Bixenman, DBA, CTO, and David Lober will present at five separate technical sessions at IPC APEX EXPO in Las Vegas in March.

5-31J: Cleaning Compatibility Task Group: Mon, Mar 24, 2014 - 3:15 PM to 5:00 PM
Mike Bixenman, DBA, CTO, Presenter/Chair
This task group will develop a standard test method to replace Mil-Std-202G, Method 215K which does not accurately represent modern cleaning chemistries and the cleaning equipment advancements that are currently used within electronics assembly manufacturing processes. The new test method will determine the compatibility of cleaning agents and mechanical delivery systems with general electronics assemblies, component hardware, and electronics assembly materials.

5-31G: Stencil Cleaning Task Group: Wednesday, March 26, 2014, 8AM-12PM
Mike Bixenman, DBA, CTO, Presenter
This task group is responsible for the maintenance of the guideline document, IPC-7526, "Stencil and Misprinted Board Cleaning Handbook." This meeting will continue the process of developing Revision A.

5-32C: Bare Board Cleanliness Assessment Task Group, Wednesday, March 26, 2014, 3:15PM-5PM
David Lober, Process Chemist, Presenter/Chair
This task group is working on the adoption of the IPC-5704 printed board cleanliness specification within the IPC-6010 performance specifications.

BTC Reliability: Thursday, March 27, 2014, 10AM-12PM
Combination of Spray and Soak Improves Cleaning under Bottom Terminations”
Mike Bixenman, DBA, CTO, Presenter
The use of bottom terminated components (BTC) has become extremely popular because of their low cost and good thermal and electrical performance. But the challenge for the industry is knowing how to achieve the best possible assembly and reliability of BTCs. Attendees will be presented with information discussing reliability in terms of stand-off height and component die size and solder joint void size as well as thermal modeling, automated X-ray inspection versus 2-D X-ray and cross-sectional analysis in addition to cleaning of residues under BTC components. Join us as we take a first-hand look into this expanding area.

PD25 Cleaning and Contamination Process Guide: Thursday, March 27, 2014, 9AM-12PM Mike Bixenman, DBA, CTO, Presenter/Committee Chair
Numerous factors should be considered when engineering a cleaning process capable of removing flux residues from highly dense circuit assemblies. Uniqueness of the part, sensitivity of components, best cleaning processes, type of soil, cleaning equipment and cleaning agents are just a few of the elements that must be considered. This course will discuss the dynamics of assuring a successful cleaning result.

For more information on these technical sessions, or to register to attend, please visit

Kyzen specializes in precision cleaning chemistries for electronics, advanced packaging, metal finishing and aerospace applications. Kyzen’s industry expertise and dedicated customer support provide integrated cleaning process solutions that meet any cleaning challenge. Founded in 1990, Kyzen is the leading provider of environmentally responsible, RoHS compliant cleaning chemistries to industries worldwide.

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