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ViTrox Technologies to Debut Next-Generation AOI Solution at the IPC APEX EXPO

Feb 20, 2014

ViTrox Technologies, a solutions provider of innovative, advanced and cost-effective automated vision inspection systems and equipment for the semiconductor and electronics packaging industries, will debut the new V510 Optimus 3D AOI system in booth #717 at the IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place March 25-27, 2014 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

ViTrox’s V510 Optimus 3D AOI system is a next generation solution for the SMT line. The system offers closed-loop feedback and monitoring with a centralized management method that allows more effective defect image collections, centralized programming, as well as fine-tuning. Moreover, one operator can now manage multiple production lines, providing tremendous cost-savings. The system features ViTrox Database & Statistical Process Control (VDSPC), Centralized Library Distribution (CLD), Network Offline Programming (NOLP) and the ViTrox Verification Tool Solution (VVTS).

New features include lifted lead detection, a Universal Cross Section algorithm, co-planarity, and black and multicolor PCB inspection. Lifted lead detection is based on ViTrox’s proprietary smart fitting algorithm concept. It is invariant to board surface color and board warpage. The lifted lead value (µm) is calculated from the virtual plane formed by ViTrox’s proprietary smart fitting algorithm. The new Universal Cross Section algorithm serves as an on demand, generic inspection tool. This enables the user to freely locate the tool to perform any height related inspection. Additionally, the error name can be defined by the user and an inverse logic option is available for greater flexibility. The system’s co-planarity feature calculates the parallelism between component surface and the board surface using 3D data, and with black and multicolor PCB inspection, missing part inspection is easier than ever.

The V810 Series II inspection system features Scan Path Merging SPAM), Simultaneous Efficient Reconstruction Technique (SERT) and Single Unified Management Office (SUMO) that greatly improve inspection speed.

The system also features Phase Shift Profilometry (PSP 2), a ViTrox patented technology for board warpage compensation and 100 percent pin through-hole component PCBs. ViTrox’s Crystal Clear Technology is proprietary technology that improves image clarity and eases operator buy off experience. Additionally, ViTrox’s Variable Magnification has served many users in different market segments with 11 and 19 microns to provide end-users with better magnified images and high resolution on small components such as 01005 and 0.2 mm ball grid array (BGA).

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