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951SXe Aims To Be Best-Selling Edsyn Soldering Station in 20 Years

Feb 03, 2014

Edsyn 951SXe Soldering Station

Edsyn 951SXe Soldering Station

Canton, MA – February 3, 2014 – HMC Electronics, a leading distributor of products for electronic assembly, recently launched its latest Edsyn soldering station, the 951SXe.

The 951SXe is a remodeled version of the original 951SX. The 951SX was adored by Edsyn fans all over the world because of its longevity and cost-effectiveness. In fact, there are many HMC Electronics customers that have been using the original station for over 15 years.

“Still made in America and still one of the most powerful soldering stations available for under $200, we’re confident Edsyn will have a strong year, and we are happy to play a part in their continued growth,” Toby Harvey, Sales Director of HMC Electronics, said in a statement.

A video review of the station can be viewed here:

The station can be ordered here:

HMC Electronics is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our staff will field any questions you have about this promotion or any products involved. Contact us at 800-482-4440 or via email at

About Edsyn
Edsyn has had close to five decades of proprietary innovative development of products. As a result of its proprietary innovation process, the old does not become obsolete. Edsyn connects former technology with the new. Edsyn’s mission is to bring innovative ideas to life through quality engineering and commitment to high performance designs dedicated to suit the needs of its customers.

About HMC Electronics
HMC Electronics is the preferred nationwide supplier to PC board contract manufacturers, OEMs, field and depot repair centers, and serious hobbyists. We feature top name-brands including Metcal, Kester, Loctite, Hakko, Weller, Hexacon, Desco, Chemtronics, Lindstrom, Tech Spray, Fluke, Xcelite, Ideal Industries, Excelta, InterMetro, ACL-Staticide and Luxo.

HMC was founded in 1927 in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1975, the Company shifted its emphasis to servicing the requirements of small to midrange electronics manufacturers in the Northeast. In 1984, HMC relocated from Boston to a 20,000 square foot facility in Canton, where it is currently headquartered and serves as the Company's centralized global distribution point.

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951SXe Aims To Be Best-Selling Edsyn Soldering Station in 20 Years

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