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Informative & Interactive - PCB webinars from Würth Elektronik

Jan 22, 2014

Felix Stark and Andreas Schilpp are making the final checks before the Webinar:

Felix Stark and Andreas Schilpp are making the final checks before the Webinar: "Testing, Testing, One, Two, Three," let's start the show.

Internet access and one free hour - that's all you need to take part in an interactive webinar from Würth Elektronik. Once a month, special-ists in PCB manufacturer present a topic relating to the product range. Previously, we have addressed questions on HDI technology, the different advantages of semi-flex and rigid-flex printed circuit boards or how to use thermal management effectively.

Send a request online and you will receive a reply within seconds, con-taining the access information required for the chosen Würth Elektronik webinar. The date is always fixed in advance: With the exception of the summer break, every first Tuesday of the month is webinar day at Würth Elektronik. At 9:30 CET, the German language broadcast starts. By 11 CET, the English language webinar for the international markets begins.

"So far we are the only PCB manufacturer to interact with their customers through free of charge webinars," noted Tanija Savic, the head of Market-ing at Würth Elektronik. "We challenged ourselves to develop a new form of interaction with the Online Design Conferences, and the results speak for themselves. The visitor numbers are increasing with every showing. We record a 60 to 80 percent participation rate. This is very good for a webinar. What is particularly gratifying us, is that we now have regular vis-itors as every second participant also takes part in the following webinar." There are also over 7,000 visitors to the webinar page of Würth Elektronik and about 2000 webinar views on our YouTube channel - which consti-tutes almost a third of all video views for the entire WE channel.

The biggest advantage for the participants is: They take up little time and do not cost a penny. "The developers can watch a webinar in their own workplace, while interacting live with specialists in their field. This saves time and money as the webinar takes less than 45 minutes." If a partici-pant cannot take part live, the Würth Elektronik specialist´s knowhow is always accessible around the clock. "After the seminar, we provide a presentation on our website and on our YouTube channel. Questions that arise in the chat will be answered by the product managers alongside the webinar. A summary of the most common questions is then entered into the FAQ on our website under the heading "Webinars" and under the re-spective product groups."

The direct contact with the product managers is particularly important for many developers. Many work on a challenging projects and hope to gain a solution through the webinar. "The simple and direct link to our product managers is always helpful. It also provides additional benefits for us at Würth Elektronik as we can experience at first hand, in which direction we should develop to meet the demands of our customers. With this, we al-ways stay on the cutting edge," ensures Tanija Savic.

The first dates and topics for the Würth Elektronik webinars in 2014 are already confirmed:

  • WEdirekt - Get there faster! - Calculate HDI PCBs online - Anna-Maria Ricca and Enrico Kracht, 4 February
  • Innovative solutions using coils - Hartwig Jäger, 4 March
  • Embedded Multilayer Inductances - Embedded Transformers - Jürgen Wolf, 1 April

Other topics are to be published shortly

Würth Elektronik CBT is the leading PCB manufacturer in Europe with production sites in Niedernhall, Rot am See and Schopfheim and produces PCBs from standard printed circuit boards to modern complex technologies. The PCB specialist provides application-specific solutions across all technologies as well as new technology developments, for example in the area of embedding active and passive components. The comprehensive portfolio ranges from double-sided PCBs and multilayer PCBs in all popular technologies to sophisticated circuit boards such as HDI, Rigid-flex versions and heatsink technologies.

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