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Tresky Holds Successful Showing at iMAPS 2013, Appoints 3 New Reps

Oct 18, 2013

 Daniel Schultze  Thorleif Brandsberg

Thorleif Brandsberg

Tresky, a worldwide leading manufacturer of micro-assembly systems, announces that iMAPS The 46th International Symposium on Microelectronics, held in Orlando, FL from September 30-October 3, 2013, was a fruitful and exciting show.

While the show was successful from start to finish, the product highlight included the automatic die bonding system T-6000, which generated much interest and many visitors. Adding to the success, Daniel Schultze, Sales Director at Tresky, assigned several new representatives including Dee Claybrook of Southwest Systems; Ken Chan Draco of International Consulting; and Michael Strittmatter of SDS Technology. 

Tresky is unique in the industry because it provides a wide range of products and innovations for new and existing customers. New customers can strengthen their own production floors with Tresky’s innovations, which span from simple and inexpensive to fully automatic die bonders. From small and budget-sensitive machines like the 4909 low-cost, manual die bonder, to high-end, fully automated systems like the T-8000 die bonder, Tresky’s systems are taking the market by storm and are expected to penetrate North America with resounding success.

As a benefit to existing customers, Tresky has expanded its product range to complete the line between prototyping with manual/semiautomatic systems and mass production. While the company does not supply machines for mass production, it has the right system and technology for customers that want to bridge the gap by using the advantages of their existing machines, but with higher automation levels.

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For more than 30 years, Tresky has been working to perfect the art of pick-and-place systems. Tresky supports many applications from manual and automatic systems to a range of innovating tools. Additionally, Tresky has the extensive experience and modular setup to meet customers’ needs. With many devices installed across the world, and often with specialized and custom equipment, Tresky relies on its fast, flexible team of professionals to rise to the challenges of complex process requirements.

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