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JumperZ Audio: A Quality Cable Every Time with Schleuniger

Sep 10, 2013

Schleuniger StripCrimp 200

Schleuniger StripCrimp 200

The audio industry, like many industries today, is turning to technology to increase the quality of their product. JumperZ Audio, an independent cable manufacturer based in Birmingham, Michigan, is one of the companies paving that path. 

After working in the audio industry for many years, Zane Kadro recognized an opportunity to improve the way companies manufactured audio cables. He noticed equipment from Schleuniger, a leading international manufacturer of high-precision cable processing machines, at a trade show and a light went on in his head. By automating the process, Kadro knew he could produce better quality cables, faster. In 2010, with that idea in mind, Kadro founded JumperZ Audio and immediately sought out Schleuniger for the equipment, services and support needed to achieve his goals.

“I wanted a higher standard of quality throughout the entire assembly process,” says Kadro. “The high quality and precision of Schleuniger products were the reasons we chose to go with them.”

JumperZ Audio creates very custom, unique cables and with the Schleuniger StripCrimp 200, a fully programmable stripping and crimping machine, the Company is able to produce a product that is far superior in quality to that of the competition because they are crimping not soldering the cables. Best of all, with an automated process, JumperZ Audio achieves consistent, repeatable results thereby reaching their goal of delivering a quality cable every time.

“We are always striving for perfection. Every cable that comes out of JumperZ Audio has to be perfect. Without Schleuniger equipment, we would not be in business right now,” says Kadro.

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