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Compact Test Chambers now include Touch Screen Controller

Sep 09, 2013

Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) has exciting news for those testing & small products in specific temperature & humidity conditions. The MicroClimate® product line, which includes a 1.2 cu. ft. benchtop model and a 3 cu. ft. compact test chamber, is now equipped with the new EZT-430i Touch screen Controller, which is loaded with features to simplify test chamber programming & operation. These features include:

-  Selectable navigation between icon-based menus like a smart phone or windows-based navigation.

-  Remote Control & Monitoring via Ethernet from a computer or through apps available for iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

-  Data logging with customized file names, batch & lot numbers and operator events.

- Integrated email sends data files directly from the controller with the touch of a button.

-  Access data files directly from the controller or a PC, can also download profiles, alarm files, audit trail files and data files to USB memory stick in a compatible .CSV format.

-  Alarm notification via email and/or phone text messages in the event of a test chamber alarm saving valuable tests while reducing downtime.

-  Automated “Ethernet” back-up of data files.

-  Full system security, audit trails & digital signatures

-  Configured in 28 different languages- one setting updates icons, menus and help screen.

In addition, a new single stage model has been added to the product line. The product line only included a benchtop model with a temperature range from -73°C to +190°C. Due to the multiple requests of customers that seldom need to test their product down to these cold temperature ranges, CSZ designed a model with a more mild temperature range from -30°C to +190°C. All models are available with or without humidity.

About MicroClimate®
MicroClimate® chambers are designed to provide users with a compact chamber for testing small components and products for a variety of industries. Whether a MicroClimate® chamber is used to perform temperature cycling tests or expose product to steady state temperature environments, these chambers will maintain precise and accurate temperature and/or humidity control.

About Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ)
CSZ provides standard & custom-designed environmental test chambers including stability chambers, temperature-cycling chambers, humidity chambers, accelerated stress-testing chambers, HALT & HASS chambers, thermal-shock chambers, altitude chambers, AGREE vibration chambers, industrial freezers, and more. Sizes range from small benchtop chambers to full walk-in / drive –in rooms. Please visit for additional information.

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Sep 09, 2013 -

Compact Test Chambers now include Touch Screen Controller

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