The Auto Splicing Unit has been released

Sep 03, 2013

Fuji Auto Splicing Unit

Fuji Auto Splicing Unit

Fuji is proud to announce that the release of a new automation and labor saving tool - the Auto Splicing Unit.

Currently, companies around the world are faced with rapidly rising wage demands, which makes it increasingly important to automate tasks. Fuji is developing various automation and labor saving units to help combat these rising labor costs. The Auto Head Cleaner was released in March this year and this newly released Auto Splicing Unit will also greatly help in automating and reducing the burden on operators.

Splicing carrier tapes together is one of the most common methods of replenishing parts during production. However, there are problems with this method. For example, there can be variances in the quality of the splicing due to differences in operator skills and this can cause machines to stop. In addition, it can take a long time to perform splicing and there are cases in which multiple parts will need to be spliced at the same time. If splicing is not done in time, machines stop. These are just some of the major challenges keeping lines operating when splicing.

Use this newly developed Auto Splicing Unit to greatly reduce the actual splicing work time to around 6 seconds from the usual work time of 30 to 60 seconds*. This greatly contributes to keeping the line going by enabling splicing to be completed in a short time. Also, by automating the work with this unit, machine stops from problems caused by the variance in quality due to differing operator skills are eliminated, which contributes to an increase in productivity.
   * As determined by Fuji investigations.

Supported tape types: 8 mm carrier tape (paper only)
Part types: 0402 (01005") to 3216
Splicing tape: Fuji splicing tape
Unit size: 450 (L) x 450 (W) x 1,002 (±100) (H) mm (excludes small protuberances)
Unit weight: Approximately 17 kg
Power (can select option): DC 24 V (battery) or AC 100 to 240 V

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