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Nordson ASYMTEK Introduces Continuous Path Motion Control Software

Aug 20, 2013



Nordson ASYMTEK, a Nordson company (NASDAQ: NDSN), a leader in dispensing, coating, and jetting technologies, has developed Continuous Path Motion Control software for jetting underfill for flip chips. The software optimizes dispense head motion, saving time and increasing units per hour (UPH). Instead of stopping to move between die, backtracking, ramping to speed, dispensing, and decelerating, the dispense head maintains a continuous speed and direction throughout the process.

When cycle time test data of 20 strips with 70 die on a strip was evaluated using Continuous Path Motion Control as compared to conventional underfill methods that use backtracking, there was about a 27% improvement in UPH with Continuous Path. This was due to a 40% dispensing cycle time savings at 15mg/sec flow rate and 95mm/sec speed. (This doesn’t include loading and unloading.) The Continuous Path increases UPH even when compared to underfill methods that don’t include backtracking because stop-and-go movements between the die are eliminated. Continuous Path Motion Control software saves 23% dispensing cycle time at 9mg/sec flow rate depending on actual die layout, dispensing conditions, flow rate, and other factors.

"An expanding number of applications are using flip chip package devices with rigid substrates and parts that are smaller and closer together,” explained Akira Morita, product development manager, Nordson ASYMTEK. “These devices have different configurations in terms of die size, die thickness, bump numbers, bump pitch, bump gap, and substrate size. This changes the amount of underfill needed and the fluid flow speed (bump gaps and die thicknesses are different). A thinner line of fluid has to be deposited because the space between the die is narrower. Continuous Path Motion Control speeds up the dispensing process for these new applications.

Read the article “Underfilling Using Continuous Path Motion Control” and see a video showing the increased speed you get at our Continuous Path Motion Control page.

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