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Electronics Manufacturer RBB Systems Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Aug 07, 2013

Wooster, Ohio – The Premiere Electronics Job Shop, RBB Systems, celebrates their 40th anniversary this month. Founded in 1973 as an industrial engineering services firm, RBB Systems’ primary focus is on the design and assembly of small batches of printed circuit boards and related assemblies.

Steeped in a rich history of providing thousands of mission-critical printed circuit board assembly box builds and control panels, RBB is now completely focused on serving the need for small batches of these assemblies at every stage of the product lifecycle. In response to the growing market need for this expertise, RBB has permanently “left the field” of both in-house engineering design and large-scale contract manufacturing.

In recent years RBB has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Leading EDGE Award for Value Creation in Northeast Ohio, Evolution of Manufacturing Award by SMART BUSINESS Cleveland, Business Growth Award from Cascade Capital Corporation, Wayne County Career Center Outstanding Business Partner Award, and the Special Award for Safety from the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation.

President and CEO, Bruce Hendrick says, “Like any company in business in 2013, RBB is intensely focused on today and to some extent tomorrow. One does not easily sum up 40 years of courage, challenge, perseverance, success and constant adaptation. That’s because these stories are best told by those who lived them – the wonderful employees, customers, suppliers, and community friends of RBB. We’ve had the chance to touch thousands of businesses, communities, and families over the past 40 years. What a blessing it has been for me to do my small part in carrying on this important legacy!

“The future of RBB will continue to be played out one day at a time in service to our customers. It is our pleasure to move heaven and earth to get them what they need. We always have. And we always will.

“Thank you for marking this special occasion with us and, most importantly, thank you for adding your thread to the ongoing 40-year tapestry that RBB represents!”

RBB Systems will be holding an open house and plant tour to commemorate the company's birthday, on August 16th, 2013, from 2:00PM- 4:00PM.

To learn more about this celebration, visit or call 877-713-7042.

RBB Systems
Established in 1973, RBB Systems specializes in on-demand manufacturing of mission-critical electronic assemblies for the industrial, medical, commercial, and food processing sectors. By embracing small batch custom assemblies of electronic circuit boards, RBB Systems allow clients greater flexibility in meeting fluctuating market demands.

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