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BGA, PoP, SMT, Coating Photo library open for training

Jul 29, 2013

BGA Defect Images just one of the Bob Willis CD Collection

BGA Defect Images just one of the Bob Willis CD Collection

We offer a wide range of Photo CD-ROMs which provide process, quality engineers, marketing or editorial staff with a unique source of photographs which may be used in company inspection documents, technical presentations and websites. The photographs can also be used in marketing and advertising material or in technical articles. They may be simply pasted into any Word or PowerPoint document for in house company use.
The CD-ROMs cover the following subject with hundreds of images on each CD, it’s also possible to have a custom set of images to download from our from library listings, each CD is £99. A pdf of images on each CD is avaiilable to download
Conformal Coating Inspection & Defects
Package on Package (PoP) STACK Package Assembly
Ball Grid Array & Area Array Packages
Surface Mount Assembly & Soldering 
Lead-Free Assembly and Soldering Defects
Solder Paste Stencil Printing Inspection & Printing Defects
Conventional Assembly & Soldering
Printed Board Circuit Manufacturing Defects
SMT & Conventional Component Recognition
Pin In Hole Intrusive Reflow Assembly
Printed Circuit Board Design Defects
Flip Chip Assembly & Soldering
01005 - 0201 Design, Assembly & Soldering
Crimping & Wire Preparation
X-Ray Inspection Images
SMT & Conventional Solder Joint Illustrations

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