New US Webinars from Bob Willis

Jul 29, 2013

Bob Online when and where you want

Bob Online when and where you want

Great news for those of you in US/Canadian time zones, we have now added additional webinars at times to suit you. Check out the upcoming titles below or book a custom event at a time and date of your choice See

Package On Package Assembly Process & Inspection (US Time Zone) 
Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Auditing & Troubleshooting PCB Assembly Supplier (US Time Zone)
Tuesday, September 03, 2013
Conformal Coating Inspection & Process Control (US Time Zone)
Wednesday, September 4
Selective Soldering Design & Process Setup
Monday, September 16
Guide to PCB Surface Finishes & Process Defects
Tuesday, October 22
Cleaning Evaluation Test Techniques & Measurements (US Time Zones)
Tuesday, October 29
BGA X-Ray & Optical Inspection Criteria + Common Defects (US Time Zones)
Tuesday, November 19
Crimping Inspection & Quality Control
Monday, November 25
PCB Printed Circuit Board Inspection & Quality Control (US Time Zones)
Monday, December 9

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