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Tooling for Circular Blade Depanelizers.

Jul 22, 2013

Circular Blade Depanelizer with XY Table

Circular Blade Depanelizer with XY Table

Reduce scrap due to board handling Issues

Certain panels can be difficult to place and keep steady during the singulation process. The right tooling from FKN Systek can make the process of depaneling your PCBs safer and more efficient. Skip scored panels in particular may tend to get out of control after the first few panels are released. For these, tooling is needed to eliminate the scrap rate.

The K2000 is available with an XY table to hold panels in place as they are being singulated. One variation, built with a two position tooling plate, is designed for singulating SIMM cards. This allows 5 Simm cards with carrier strips to be fixed in place on tooling pins (2 per card). After removal of the first holding strip the entire set is moved into position for cutting the other carrier strip.

For linear/circular blade depanelizers such as the K3000 model, FKN Systek has developed standard modular tooling which guides the operator to align panels onto the linear blade. This allows skip scored panels to be precisely and securely placed and held while the circular blade travels across the score line, reducing the chances of unintended panel movement during the singulation process. Since the tooling is modular holding plates with locating pins for different panels can be traded out in seconds.

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