Fuji Announces NXT III

May 13, 2013



Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd. is excited to announce the upcoming release of its newly developed NXT III mounting platform. The latest edition to the NXT series offers improved performance in all areas and continues the evolution of a machine which has now sold more than 40,000 modules all over the world, covering every imaginable production type and volume.

Top of the list of improvements with the NXT III are: better productivity for all part sizes and types thanks to a faster XY robot; faster tape feeders; and a newly developed “flying vision” parts camera. In addition, the new H24 head - capable of 35,000 cph (chips per hour) per module – means a 35% increase in speed compared to the NXT II.

The NXT III also offers industry leading quality*. By improving machine rigidity and further refining its independent servo control and vision recognition technology, Fuji has achieved a placing accuracy for small chip parts of +/-25 um (3 sigma, Cpk 1.00)**. This level of precision means that the NXT III is well equipped to handle future manufacturing challenges. As well as supporting the smallest parts currently being used in mass production (0402 mm), the NXT III can handle the next generation of components heading for the market - 03015 mm parts.

Usability is another area which has been improved with the NXT III. The GUI of the original NXT was widely praised for making use of intuitive and easy-to-understand pictograms instead of relying on language-based instructions. This interface is now combined with a touchscreen panel to make operation even easier. This improves usability, increases operation speed and boosts productivity.

Current users will be glad to hear that the new machine has high compatibility with the NXT II. Many of the main units from the NXT II such as placing heads, nozzle stations, feeders, tray units, and feeder pallet exchange units can be used on the NXT III without any modifications. Combined with various automation units Fuji is developing – such as the recently released Auto Head Cleaner – the NXT III will contribute greatly to reducing manufacturing costs and improving profitability.

The NXT III is scheduled to make its debut at the Protec 2013 show in Tokyo during June 5-7. Be sure to visit and check out the world's most advanced placement platform from Fuji.

*Based on investigations by Fuji as of April 2013.
**Measured under optimal conditions at Fuji.

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