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MIRTEC Europe to Display the Revolutionary MV-9 2D/3D AOI Series at SMT/Hybrid/Packaging

Mar 19, 2013

 MIRTEC, the Global Leader in Inspection Technology, announces that it will highlight its 2D/3D In-Line AOI Series configured with MIRTEC’s exclusive OMNI-VISION® 3D Inspection Technology in Booth # 7-504 at the SMT/Hybrid/Packaging 2013 exhibition and conference, scheduled to take place April 16-18, 2013 at the Messezentrum in Nuremberg, Germany.

This system has won the Global Technology Award in 2011 and 2012.

With the unique combination of 2D inspection and 3D measurement with only one head, this system achieves the highest productivity and ultimate inspection performance, and false calls are avoided.

With the 2D inspection, higher inspection speed, script and polarity detection are accomplished. The 3D measurement provides exact height and volume data.

The MV-9 utilizes a high resolution digital 15 MP camera technology with telecentric lens and optional four 10 MP side cameras (Side-Viewer®) for 3D inspection. This technology provides unique inspection performance and surpassing inspection speeds. The side cameras offer a spacial test and provide valuable information for a secure and reliable detection of side defects. Also, the check of complex components becomes a piece of cake.

The 3D check takes place with Multi-Frequency Moiré analysis that also is used in Mirtec’s 3D solder paste inspection systems. This technology offers full 3D measurement of height, area, tilt, lift, etc. A projector projects grid patterns on the area that has to be measured. The camera saves the image and transfers the data to the machine. Subsequently, the software displays the measured, realistic 3D image.

All AOI systems from Mirtec with a minimum resolution of 10 MP are furthermore standard equipped with the new 6 layer light system (RGB plus yellow light). This technology enables a full inspection of solder deposits and an enhanced detection of lifted leads

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