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Essemtec Brazil Exhibits at FIEE and Opens Training Center in Campinas, SP

Mar 12, 2013

Essemtec Brazil is substantially expanding its sales and service organization in Brazil to provide the highest level of quality in all aspects of its business. To continue this growth, it opened a training center in mid-February in Campinas, SP. Additionally Essemtec Brazil will exhibit its turnkey concept at the upcoming FIEE exhibition, which is taking place from April 1-5, 2013 in the Anhembi Exhibition Hall in Sao Paulo, booth K88.

Essemtec Brazil, founded in 2009, offers and supports the complete product range for SMD manufacturing. Directly from manufacturer to end-user, the equipment covers prototyping up to high-volume production.

Now, four years after founding Essemtec Brazil, the opening of the training center in Campinas is a symbol of the success that it has achieved over the past few years. “Brazil is one of the future markets worldwide. To be directly active in the market does not just mean selling directly; it also means having direct service and support, such as machine training session,” explained Patrick Greuter, Diretor América Latina.

The training center in Campinas is Essemtec’s fifth training facility, joining Aesch (Switzerland headquarters), India, China and the USA. Essemtec Brazil’s engineers have many years of experience in surface mount technology and can offer both machine and process training. Therefore, Essemtec Brazil has installed a machine park, consisting of the high-speed pick-and-place machine PARAQUDA, the highly flexible pick-and-place machine PANTERA XVC, the semiautomatic printer with vision FINO and the full convection oven RO300FC.

The PARAQUDA pick-and-place system combines a large feeder capacity, fast programming and changeover while the machine is running, with the ability to quickly place any component from 01005 up to 3.15 x 2.75" (80x70 mm) including fine-pitch, BGA, CSP or flip chips. The Paraquda series automatic pick-and-place machines are designed to fulfill the requirements of a high-mix SMT production. All SMD components are placed quickly (up to 15,000 cph), are reproducible and reliable using modern placement technologies.

The PANTERA-XVC is designed for prototype and mid-size series manufacturing. The machine offers an ideal combination of speed (up to 4,500 cph), accuracy and a wide application range. The machine features optical laser and vision centering, and can place all SMD components from 0201 up to 50x50 mm. PANTERA-XVCs top-down vision system recognizes fiducial marks automatically. It can be used for teaching and controlling after dispensing and placement. The large feeder capacity and the automatic identification of the intelligent feeders minimize changeover time and guarantee quality. All tape feeders are electrically driven and feeding pitch is programmable.

Essemtec’s semiautomatic printer with vision, the FINO, is more than adequate for small- to mid-size volumes. Intelligent control and the option of an alignment per two vision cameras combine high-quality technologies within a small footprint and with a 450 x 500 mm printing area. The printer accepts any size stencil frame up to 23 x 23" (584 x 584 mm) and offers quick changeover. All printing parameters are software controlled and can be saved if required. Easy access to the printing area simplifies stencil cleaning and changeovers.

The RO300FC is a full convection oven that allows fast and homogenous heating, as well as high-temperature soldering of sensitive electronics. As an innovative new feature, RO300FC-C now features RO-CONTROL 7 software for increased process simulation and control. RO-CONTROL 7 controls and regulates oven parameters such as zone temperatures, feed rate and conveyor width.

Customers or interested buyers can contact Essemtec Brazil for a live demonstration or a process training at the following:

Essemtec Brazil
Rua Eduardo Garcia, 293 - Pq Via Norte, São Paulo (Campinas - SP)
Contact Person: Helio Queiroz
Office:  +55 19 3324 2452
 +55 19 3324 2461

Visit Essemtec Brazil in booth K88 at FIEE in the Anhembi Exhibition Hall in Sao Paulo from April 1-5, 2013.

The Swiss machine manufacturer Essemtec is a market leader in manufacturing flexible production systems for industrial users. Essemtec has been developing, manufacturing and marketing equipment and machines for all processes in the electronics industry since 1991: printers, dispensers, pick-and-place and soldering systems. Manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic systems are available. The range of products also includes transportation and storage systems, as well as software solutions for planning, simulation optimization and documentation of manufacturing. All Essemtec systems are optimized for maximum flexibility. Users can switch from one product to another quickly, making maximum use of available production capacity.
Essemtec - Be more flexible.

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