CS400E Upgrades

Feb 25, 2013

As the CS400E's have been in service for almost 20 years now, there have been many inquiries into the sustainability of the machines. And, as all users have come to know, the cut/clinch mechanisms of this machine are extremely sturdy, it is the electronics that are coming to the end of their life cycles.

With this in mind, Magellan Service has developed several retrofits/upgrades to extend the viability of manufacturing with these machines.

Upgrade One:

Almost all of the older machines have outdated/non-functioning monitors and touchscreens.  Magellan has developed an LCD monitor upgrade for all of the 400E's. The upgrade consists of a 12.1", 800x600 resolution, Serial Touch Interface manufactured by Tyco Electronics.  This monitor is fully integrated into the existing operating software. 
These monitor upgrades are retrofit-able in the field by a Magellan Service technician, typically the work is completed in less than 3 Hours on site.  The upgrade cost is all inclusive and  includes all parts, interface cables, software, and installation.  Travel costs are extra and are determined by machine/facility location.

Upgrade Two:

Another area of concern is the embedded PC which controls all functions of the CS400E.  In some cases, there are 400E machines running on a 386 PC.

We have developed a drop in replacement for the machines.  The new computer consists of an Intel Celeron 2.6GHZ Processor, 250 GB SATA Hard Drive, and 4 GB of memory.  Included with the new PC is a wireless keyboard system, USB Floppy Drive, and the ability to use USB mini hard drives for file transfers. 
With this upgrade, customer will continue to operate the CS400E with all of Contacts operating software, so none of your existing features are lost.
The cost of the PC replacement/upgrade is all inclusive and includes all related hardware, installation, and setup.  Travel costs are extra and are determined by machine/facility location.
NOTE:  Many of the older CS400E machines have touch screen monitors that are not compatible with this PC upgrade and will require the installation of the new 12.1" LCD monitor upgrade.  For customer requiring the complete package, the PC/LCD monitor upgrade is available, please call for pricing details.

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Feb 25, 2013 -

CS400E Upgrades

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