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CyberOptics and DEK Will “Close the Loop” at APEX

Feb 12, 2013

From booth #1411 at the upcoming IPC APEX EXPO, CyberOptics Corporation (Nasdaq: CYBE) will offer LIVE demonstrations of the SE500ULTRA™ SPI system’s closed-loop feedback capability in partnership with DEK and its Horizon 0i1X print platform equipped with ProDEK closed-loop technology. The show is scheduled to take place February 19-21, 2013 at the San Diego Convention Center in California.

CyberOptics and DEK have successfully established printer and solder paste inspection (SPI) data communication that enables stencil cleaning and offset adjustment that leverages the information provided by the SPI system. With closed-loop feedback, the results from SPI can be used to optimize the printing process, efficiently control stencil cleaning cycles, fine-tune printer setup and monitor process drift.

Because solder paste printing is a critical step in the electronics assembly process, implementing closed-loop control of the printing operation with SPI technology adds significant value by improving process yield and lowering costs.

The success of a full-fledged printer-to-SPI integration at a major SMT site on a real production line is a giant step forward for electronics manufacturers,” said Dennis Rutherford, General Manager for CyberOptics’ Inspection Systems Business. “This joint effort by CyberOptics and DEK establishes a global standard in the printer-SPI communication protocol and is the result of a long-standing cooperative relationship between our companies. We also are collaborating with other SMT equipment suppliers to expand the benefits of closed-loop communication to our customer base.”

The demonstrations with CyberOptics are an excellent opportunity to showcase the unique capabilities of our closed-loop technology, ProDEK,” explained Karen Moore-Watts, DEK Global Marketing Director. “Since its introduction less than a year ago, ProDEK has gained wide market acceptance and has advanced with new capability, now offering bar code and no bar code modes. We look forward to demonstrating this new feature alongside CyberOptics at APEX.”

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CyberOptics Corporation
Founded in 1984, CyberOptics is a recognized leader in process yield and throughput improvement solutions for the global electronics assembly and semiconductor capital equipment markets. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, CyberOptics conducts operations in North America, Asia and Europe. For more information, visit the company’s website at

DEK is a global provider of advanced materials deposition technologies and support solutions including printing equipment platforms, stencils, precision screens and mass imaging processes used across a wide range of applications in electronics pre-placement subassembly, semiconductor wafer manufacture, and alternative energy component production. For more information, visit DEK at

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