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Murrietta Circuits Offers Environmental Testing

Feb 06, 2013

Thermal cycling test chamber from Russells Technical Products.

Thermal cycling test chamber from Russells Technical Products.

Provides Thermal Cycling of Customer Components & Circuit Boards

Albert Murrietta, COO and co- owner of Murrietta Circuits announced recently that his company now provides Environmental Testing services for a wide range of products and applications, including thermal cycling and vibration testing.  The thermal cycling services are now performed in-house with the recent acquisition of a thermal cycling test chamber from Russells Technical Products.

Murrietta Circuits can now better service our high reliability customers who are required to deploy their products into a hostile environment, or for those customers who merely need to understand the breaking point of the product when subjected to extreme heat or cold, or understand what happens when the product is subjected to rapid changes in temperatures.  Increasingly our aerospace, military and medical customers are required to test their products in this fashion and have solid test data to back up their findings, as in many cases lives can be put at risk if their product fails. 

Dan Engler, Murrietta’s Sales Engineer commented, “Environmental testing is extremely valuable to many of our customers. They seek us out to ensure that the components that go into their products are able to withstand the harsh heat and cold fluctuations in which their end products perform.  We conduct the tests In a Computer Controlled 8cu.feet Test Chamber that has temperature ranges of +177 Celsius to -70 Celsius and can vary in temperature of 20 Celsius per minute in either direction. The Test Chamber is Computer Controlled which makes it extremely precise.  The Customer Directed testing will take the testing to limits necessary to ensure reliability which in turn saves money and prevents products failures.  We dedicate two full time EE’s to make sure that the test’s we perform are practically one hundred percent reliable.”
Murrietta Circuits is one of the few EMS companies in the United States able to make this complete Integrated Solution offering.

Murrietta Circuits is a high reliability, turnkey supplier of Electronic Manufacturing Services. The company was founded in 1980 and specializes in the design, fabrication, assembly and testing of circuit boards, with today's most challenging technologies and applications. The unique feature of our company is that we perform all these services under one roof, with one management team, one quality system, one MIS system, and one goal: "We will consistently deliver quality products on time with the highest customer service, while continually improving our processes." Serving you since 1980. Murrietta Circuits is a Raytheon Four Star Supplier. For more information go to

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